The Best Tripod For Nikon P900 Cameras!

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The Nikon p900 is a well-balanced camera with an excellent zoom range. To get those perfect shots, however, you need a good tripod. So which tripod is the best for Nikon P900? One of the most promising options is the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 055. This tripod is sturdy, portable and effective, and one of our top choices for best tripod for Nikon P900.

Manfrotto is very well-known in the world of photography. Their robust designs and excellent manufacturing quality are what they are famous for. This tripod is no exception and lives up to every expectation.

The tripod is made from sturdy carbon fiber and can support payloads up to 9kg. Despite the large payload and sturdy construction, the tripod is very portable and easy to set up. The construction is also quite lightweight at 2kg.

There is also a new locking mechanism incorporated into the design, which allows the legs to stay stiffer for longer. The new latches still have one-touch functionality. This means that they can be operated with one hand. The one-hand operation is essential for photographers who reposition their cameras often. It also helps in areas like tight spaces where accessing different parts of the tripod can be difficult.

Each leg can be set at different angles. The new latch designs make it very easy to set up. The center column can be fixed horizontally, and this process is very straightforward.

When buying tripods, it’s also good to check out what other users are saying about the product. One good sign here is that the MT055CXPRO3 has an excellent reputation.

Features And Performance

Even though the feet on this tripod have no spikes, it feels very sturdy when set up. This is due to the newly redesigned latches on the legs, which apply greater amounts of pressure. The sturdiness is unaffected at any angle, making it a very versatile tripod.

If you want to do more low-level shooting, the center column can be removed and oriented horizontally. This allows for a large number of angles and positions while retaining the sturdy construction.

Easy Positioning

Orienting the center column horizontally is relatively straightforward. Once you get used to the positioning and force of each fastener, it becomes a breeze. You simply unlock the center column and press a button on the bottom to bring the column upwards through the center apex.

Once you have the column separated, you can rotate the column and lock it in place. Voila! Easy and straightforward horizontal orientation! This allows the tripod to get you those angles that are harder to get otherwise.

One-Touch Latch Operation

Another new feature on this tripod is the one-touch latch operation. The latches themselves are easier to fasten, and can still be operated with one hand. This makes the tripod incredibly easy to set up. There doesn’t seem to be any loss of sturdiness from the new latches, either.

Portability And Build Quality

At its maximum height, the camera stands at 170cm. This is fairly tall and is typically more than enough for regular camera angles. The fully collapsed tripod measures at 61cm, which is not the smallest out there, but allows for some portability.

The portability in general, is excellent. Since the tripod weighs in at around 2KG, it can easily be carried to many different locations. Despite the portability, it is still surprisingly stable and effective when fully constructed.

The construction is designed to last, and can deliver on longevity, even for newer photographers who may feel like this tripod is more than what they need. The product also comes in a version with aluminum leg sections for a discounted price. The aluminum alternative is a good option, but the carbon fiber can’t be beaten for ruggedness.

EasyLink Port For Accessory Attachment

The MT055CXPRO3 also has a 3/8” slot for possible accessory attachment. This “Easylink” port allows for the attachment of accessories such as video monitoring or lighting systems. These types of attachments are becoming more common on tripods, but Manfrotto’s Easylink is a great addition.

The feet on the bottom of the legs cannot be replaced. That being said, they are of a sturdy and simple rubber construction, which do their job just as well as can be expected. They might give you trouble if you were trying to use this tripod in deep snow, however.

In addition to a wide range of useful features, the MT055CXPRO3 also has many independent reviews online. This goes to show that the product is manufactured and designed with quality in mind.

User Interface And Control System

Quick Power Lock system

Rather than the usual pull-out tabs for fastening the legs, Manfrotto uses tabs that pull downwards from the leg sections. The tab releases a ratchet construction on the bottom side of the topmost piece on the tripod. This allows for each leg’s angle to be adjusted individually.

Most of the locks on Manfrotto tripods employ a flip mechanism. This tripod continues this tradition, featuring a new type called the “Quick Power Lock”. These locks can be operated very quickly, and are easier to use than twist-type locks.

Compared with earlier Manfrotto models and other tripods that do not use these “Easylink” and “Quick Power Lock” designs, the MT055CXPRO3 has no loss of stability. Overall, this means that the lock designs are a good trade-off. They allow for easy set-up and manipulation without sacrificing stability.

Folding Legs

One thing that may be of concern is a common problem between many Manfrotto tripods. The top section of each leg where it attaches to the top of the tripod is fairly bulky. Because of this, the legs themselves do not come into full contact with the center column when the tripod is fully collapsed.

This means that if the tripod is mishandled when folded, it could bend the legs. Due to the robust carbon fiber material, this is unlikely, but still a possible concern. If handled properly, this shouldn’t create too much of an issue.

The main body of this tripod features a level that can be independently moved to any position around the body. This allows you to level your camera from any angle on the tripod itself. The XPRO head already features two other levels, but having a third means you never have to go out of your way to see the level.

Build Quality And Design

The actual construction on Manfrotto brand tripods are usually very good for the price point. This is also true of the MT055CXPRO. The parts of the construction that are made of metal are carbon fiber or cast aluminum, and they feel very solid. Even though the bulkiness of some of the parts can cause a gap when the legs are folded, the overall construction feels very sturdy.

All of the knobs, clasps, and other features on this tripod work very well. Every knob can be tightened with deceptively small movements, and loosened easily as well. The engineering behind the knobs is excellent and requires very little over-tightening.

The same can be said about the clasps on the legs. They are strong but designed for maximum ease-of-use. They can be easily fastened and released, even if the photographer is wearing bulky gloves on his hands.

Although many of the parts don’t have that same finish that you usually see on more expensive tripods, this is a very well constructed tripod for the price point. Even though more expensive tripods typically have a sleeker fit, this is a great option for people looking to spend less.

The construction is stiffer and retains its position better than many competitors. Manfrotto is using a higher-quality carbon fiber than some of their competitors seem to be using. The stiffness certainly beats out lower-end tripods with ease.

Although the build is overall very light and allows great portability, it is not the lightest tripod on the market. Because of this, and the issue with the leg gaps, the tripod is a bit bulkier and heavier than many alternatives.

That being said, it still retains a lot of stability, even with the easy set-up and relatively lightweight design. The tripod stands at 170cm at its full height, and about 61cm when fully folded.

The lock knob on the middle column is made of plastic. This, however, shouldn’t cause a problem.

Compared to fully aluminum builds, this tripod is easy to use and quite robust. The one-touch system and effective locking mechanisms make it very versatile and sturdy for any situation. The carbon fiber construction also has much lower heat conduction compared to aluminum.

What this means is that aluminum legs out in the cold quickly become too cold to touch. Carbon fiber legs, however, don’t get as cold, even in the middle of winter. This is a huge plus for people who do a lot of shooting in lower temperatures, where it can be a pain to set up the tripod.

Easily Fastened

All of the clasps and knobs are easily unfastened and fastened. The clasps are very strong but designed for ease-of-use. Make sure not to close your fingers in the clasps as they apply a lot of force to keep the tripod stiff.

The tripod itself looks pretty. The carbon fiber legs have a nice pattern on them, and the entire construction is tinted slightly with dark red. This gives the tripod a very pleasing look.

The XPRO ball head allows for the camera to be placed at any angle, in 360 degrees. The locking mechanisms that hold it in place, like the ones on the rest of the body, are very sturdy and easy to use.

The ball head is controlled with a series of knobs, and these feel very natural and sturdy. They don’t require a lot of force to move them, but they hold fast all the same. The ball head doesn’t seem to slip, even after hours of using the tripod.


The MT055CXPRO3 is a great all-around tripod for the price. The carbon fiber construction and robust locking systems are of very high quality. The addition of Easylink fasteners adds a lot of accessibility without sacrificing sturdiness.

The ball mount makes it versatile, and the construction is very portable and easy-to-use overall. The only complaint we had was about the gap between the legs when the tripod is fully folded. However, this is a very minor issue and can typically be solved with a rubber separator or a similar solution.

There are some other options in the same range if you’re looking at other tripods. That being said, many alternatives do not have the same stiffness retention and ease-of-use.

Another thing to consider is that this tripod does not include a head. If you’re looking for a complete set, you will have to look elsewhere.

The MT055CXPRO3 also comes in a 4 -section version. The 4-section ones come with some added length to the legs, but also some added weight. Overall, the 3-section model is better if you’re looking for something more accessible for the price.

The build quality and material is the same between the 3 and 4-section versions. Because of this, you have a bit of a choice when it comes between the two. For us, we wanted to go with something that was a little bit less money without being overkill.

The ability to add accessories is another essential addition. If you’re doing a lot of fieldwork or working in cinematography, then being able to attach lighting accessories or video monitors is essential. The MT055CXPRO3 does this, and more.

Despite some cheaper alternatives available, the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 is probably your best bet for the Nikon P900. The sturdiness and features simply cannot be beaten at the same price. This tripod lives up to its great reputation with best-in-class build quality and extensibility that does a solid job in a large variety of photography situations – including on rough terrain, cold environments or stable in-door photography sessions.