The Ultimate Kodak PixPro AZ652 Review!

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Kodak has always been a pioneer in the camera industry. With the ongoing digital revolution, Kodak has introduced an innovative product that allows users to capture multi-burst photos and HD videos. 

The power-packed Kodak PixPro AZ652 is a one-for-all and all-for-one camera that comes with a lot of features at a reasonable price. With its impressive 20-megapixel camera and 65x optical zoom, Kodak guarantees its customers a promising camera.

Founded in 1888 in New York, Kodak has established its brand name in the photography industry as one of the most reliable companies. Kodak is a renowned company in the field of photography. It has always strived hard to bring the best products to match the paradigm shift in the digital world by developing ingenious camera products.

Whether you’re a blogger who requires sharp and crisp photographs for your blog posts or a photographer who loves to capture everything around you, the Kodak AZ652 is an excellent fit for your choice as your pocket. 

Below, we provide a complete analysis of the Kodak PixPro AZ652. We’ve reviewed aspects such as the camera’s performance, specifications, functionality, reviews, and much more. With this review, you can decide for yourself if this camera is an optimal match for your photography needs or not. 

This comprehensive review aims to help you understand all the features this all-rounder camera has to offer. The AZ652 already has an excellent reputation among most consumers today. Many beginner photographers and YouTubers vouch for this product. 

Performance And Functionality

Kodak AZ652 is a 20 MP digital bridge camera with a focal length ranging from 4.3 mm to 279.5 mm. You can capture still photos in a variety of sizes and resolutions starting from 20 MP (highest) to 2 MP (lowest) in JPEG and RAW formats.

JPEG formats are easy to use because JPEG pictures are ready to be exported and used. RAW formats, on the other hand, must first be imported into photo editing software, such as Photoshop, and then exported in another picture format, such as JPEG, JPG, or PNG.

The beauty of this camera is that it is a seamless bridge between a compact digital camera and a DSLR. It is lightweight, compact, and loaded with all the features available in any DSLR camera. Typically, you cannot have interchangeable lenses with bridge cameras, unlike DSLR cameras. This is also the case for the AZ652. 

The Kodak AZ652 comes with 21 types of modes that include the auto, shutter priority, aperture priority, manual, scene, and face beautifier modes. 

Digital And Optical Zoom

This state-of-the-art camera comes with two different types of Zoom options: optical and digital zoom. It comes with 65x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom that sums up to an impressive combined zoom of 260x.

It’s easy to switch between both zoom functions with the help of the Zoom lever present on the left top of the camera. There is also a zoom indicator available on the screen that allows the user to switch between the optical zoom and digital zoom. 

The larger the zoom, the easier it is to shoot subjects at a greater distance. With this Kodak’s zoom, you can capture sharp and stable photos of skylines and birds, even if they’re considerably far.

Focal Length And Specs 

The Kodak AZ652 has an aperture range from f2.9 to f6.7. This allows you to capture wide and narrow-angle photos. It is entirely up to the user if they wish to use auto mode, which will allow them to capture photos based on their surroundings, or to polish their photography skills using the manual mode. 

The camera can adjust all the settings according to the photographer’s surroundings in automatic mode. However, the user has to adjust all these settings, which include aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, accordingly in the manual mode. 

This camera offers an additional feature to capture panorama shots of a 360-degree view of scenic landscapes, oceans, and mountains. This camera also has other features like HDR, noise removal, image compression, and stabilization. An image stabilization feature is absolutely essential to have in order to reduce the possibility of blurry photographs. An image stabilization feature reduces any blur caused by hand movement. 

This camera also provides all kinds of ISO sensitivity options, ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 3200. Hence, you can capture good shots in low-light conditions, using higher ISO settings. The camera comes with an in-built flashlight with six types of flash modes comprising of force off, fill flash, flash auto, red-eye reduction, slow sync., and slow sync. + red-eye reduction. 

You can choose a shutter speed of anywhere from 1/2000 seconds to 30 seconds to photograph during day and night. A fast shutter speed, such as 1/2000 seconds, is excellent for bright conditions. Slow shutter speeds, such as 30 seconds, are for low light scenarios but may require you to use a tripod. 

All these features combine to become an impressive camera that allows you to capture all kinds of indoor, outdoor, night-time, and ultra-wide photos.

Video Recording

The Kodak AZ652 is not just excellent for still photographs but also well-suited to record high-quality videos in three different resolutions, including high-speed videos ranging from 30 frames per second to 120 frames per second:

  • High definition – 720P
  • Full HD – 1080P
  • 4K – 2160P

At this point, it is vital to highlight the internal and external memory support provided by this Kodak camera. The internal memory of this camera is 8 MB, and it supports an external memory card of up to 32GB. 

The video recording’s total time depends on the image pixels starting from 105 minutes for 640 x 480p to 30 minutes for the 1920 x 1080p video with a 4GB memory card. It is always advisable to use an external memory card to enjoy the seamless performance of the camera. 

One key feature that is yet to be discussed is the battery. You can take a maximum of 400 photographs with one full battery. 

Exposure Compensation

This functionality of the camera allows users to adjust exposure, ISO, shutter, and aperture adjustments using P S A M mode. The user can adjust the brightness and contrast of the objects and background in the photograph with exposure value ranging from -3.0 to +3.0 EV. 

Face Beautifier

Face beautifier features used to only be available on smartphones. But now, you can use this mode on the AZ652 to apply different types of effects on images you’ve taken on your camera. These include effects such as skin softening, eye brightening, and eye enlargement. 

Image Post-Processing 

Post-processing of photographs is as essential as capturing photos. This camera comes with options that allow users to enhance the aesthetics and colors of the images they’ve taken. 

You can play around with different color options available to add different color effects. The HDR function automatically optimizes the highlights and low-lights of the image captured. 

In addition to the face beautifier feature discussed above, you can touch-up photos in playback by removing the red-eye and using eye brightening and enlargement options.  You can resize the photo to different resolutions like 1024×768 and 640×480 and save them independently too. 

Another feature worth mentioning is a digital print order format that enables the users to select and save multiple photos in DPOF format in a separate folder to print them afterward. 

Different users have shared their experiences with this product. Most of these are available online and you can easily access them to get a different point of view.

User Interface And Control System 

This Kodak camera comes with user-friendly and easy-to-use control buttons. All the central controls are present above the camera. The zoom lever is present on the top right corner with a shutter button behind it. The exposure compensation and continuous shot buttons are located right behind them. 

The user-facing side contains other operative buttons that include fast video recording, menu, jog dial, display, and playback buttons. The jog dial allows the user to quickly make selections by rolling the dial instead of pressing the up and down buttons. 

All the controls have been positioned on the camera by prioritizing ease of access for the user. 

Vari-Angle LCD

This is an advanced feature available on this camera. The user can rotate the LCD 180-degree outside the camera body and 90-degree in the upper and lower direction. The multi-dimensional rotation of the LCD enables users to capture photos without needing to crouch down or put themselves in awkward positions.

Not only that, but the LCD is also used to playback, preview, and use photo-editing options like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

Kodak advises users to be careful while rotating the LCD to save it from any kind of damage. Moreover, the user should close the LCD after use to protect it from scratches. 

You can also use the electronic viewfinder to frame your pictures if you wish.

Mode types

The Kodak AZ652 offers a total of 10 different types of modes. There is a mode dial available on the top right corner where you can toggle between the modes. Besides manual and automatic, you can play around with different modes like shutter priority to adjust light exposure, and aperture priority to highlight the objects you want to capture.

Wi-Fi Mode

Taking photographs is a two-part job. The first part is about capturing photos. The other part is about transferring these photos to other digital devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops for post-processing and online sharing. The user can control and operate the camera using an Android or an iOS smart device. 

All these features are possible in Kodak AZ652 with the help of the Wi-Fi mode, which allows users to share photos instantly. You can easily download the PixPro remote viewer application on your smart device to create a one-to-one connection to operate the camera within a 10 meters radius. 

Scene Mode

Scene mode gives you the power to select from 14 different scene modes to capture world-class photographs. You can choose from scenes such as a snowy landscape, a party, portrait mode, nighttime portrait mode, sports mode, a sunset, fireworks, and children mode. 

Choosing a scene will allow the AZ652 to automatically set optimal settings for that scene. For example, the night time mode will maximize chances of getting a bright picture, while the portrait mode will optimize your settings to capture more detail.

Power Saving Option

You can improve the battery time of the camera by using the auto turn off feature. This feature allows you to choose when the camera turns off. You can choose between an inactive period of 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 3 minutes. You can also choose between the auto, normal, or best power saver modes. 

Build Quality And Design 

It is a compact camera as compared to other DSLRs, but heavier compared to regular digital cameras. However, users can grip the camera without experiencing any discomfort due to its user-friendly shape. 

Suppose you are a traveler and intend to keep the camera with you all the time. In that case, Kodak AZ652 is a good choice due to its solid build quality. 


The camera comes with all the necessary accessories including the battery, AC adapter, USB cable, neck strap, and a lens cap with strap. The user should install the lens cap and neck strap to save the camera from falling.  

Final Verdict

The Kodak PixPro AZ652 is a camera packed with all the vital features that make it a reliable performer in terms of specs and modes. The camera comes with two different types of in-built shoot settings to assist the user in capturing amazing photographs using AF assist beam, digital zoom, date imprint, and face detection.

The Kodak AZ652 is capable of catering to the needs of a professional photographer who wishes to shoot using manual adjustments. It also has easy-to-use automatic modes for beginners. Not to mention the HD vlogs that can be recorded with this handy gadget. This camera is an all-rounder that is likely to fit most budgets.