The Best Tripod For Nikon D3500 Cameras On The Market!

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If you’re a photographer, you know that tripod stands typically facilitate users to capture incredible still photos of landscapes, and night activities. Taking handheld photographs and videos may be what you’re used to, but they can come out blurry.

Slowly, the definition of a photograph has been completely revolutionized with requirements that include zero chromatic aberration, no light flare, no shadows, and no blurry photos. Tripods are no longer a luxury but a necessary optical gadget when it comes to capturing outdoor wide-angle photos, and close-ups. The Zomei Z699C Carbon Fiber Portable Tripod is a fantastic tripod stand that comes with features like adjustable height and quick twist locks.

The Zomei Z699C is the best tripod for Nikon D3500. It is a 2-in-1 tripod stand that quickly converts to a monopod. The tripod stand comes with a ball head that can seamlessly rotate 360-degrees without any lag or distortion. This seamless rotation makes it an ideal option for video recording and sunset photographs. The Zomei tripod stand is lightweight and can easily be stored in your backpack on challenging treks.

The Zomei Z699C not only supports wide-angle shots but can also reach lower heights to capture close-ups. With the five divisions in its legs, you can shoot a variety of photos at different angles and positions.

This tripod has an excellent reputation among photographers in the industry, especially travel photographers and videographers. The following review analyzes the performance and functionality of the Zomei Z699C highlighting its features, design, and compatibility with different cameras.

Performance And Functionality

  • Material – 8-layer carbon fiber tubes
  • Weight – 1.3 kg (3.3 lbs.)
  • Maximum height – 60-inches
  • Folded Height – 15-inches
  • Maximum load – 15 kg (33 lbs.)
  • Leg lock style – Twist lock
  • Ball head – QZSD-06
  • Monopod conversion – Yes
  • Adjustable leg angles – Yes

Load Capacity

A payload of 33 pounds or 15 kgs is a considerable weight to be supported by a mid-level tripod stand. The Zomei Z699C can manage this amount of weight due to its sturdy legs and there is an even distribution of weight among the carbon-fiber legs.  

Zomei has employed laws of physics and weight distribution mechanisms to support the heavy lenses. Lens load distribution is the main criterion that differentiates high-quality tripod stands from the rest of the available tripods. A low-grade tripod cannot support the lens weight, and size as the centre of the gravity shifts as the size of the lens becomes larger. It results in severe damage to the camera and camera accessories. 

Zomei has proven to be quite reliable due to its carbon-fiber composition and body design that doesn’t allow it to lose its center of gravity. This tripod is made of carbon-fiber instead of aluminum. It gives a definite edge to the Zomei Z699C as you can set up in any environment or on an uneven surface without any stress.  

Height Management 

The height management in the Zomei tripod is straightforward and user-friendly. Its legs come with adjustable five sections and allow the user to achieve a maximum height of 60-inches. Not only that, but you can also take photos with this tripod at a minimum height of 14-inches.

This Zomei tripod stand provides an exceptional range of height; thus, giving a wide range of photography options and different angles to the photographer.

Zomei has kept in view all the mechanisms height and weight management of this tripod stand that makes it the best choice for Nikon D3500.

Image Stabilization

Zomei supports low-angle and close-up shots with its fast and straightforward middle column inversion mechanism. The middle column can be divided into two sections. You can place the camera on the top of the column or in-between the columns by inverting one part of the column to the upper side. It gives maximum image stabilization when the camera is placed between the two sections of the middle column. In this way, you can capture low-angle photos at different positions without worrying about the camera’s safety.

Monopod Conversion

The Zomei Z699C comes with a detachable leg that can be connected to the middle column of the tripod stand to convert it to a monopod stand. The overall process of monopod conversion is ultra-smooth and seamless with twist locks. The process doesn’t involve much technique and saves much time.

If you are a travel photographer and a vlogger, you can capture sunset photos and record a time-lapse video simultaneously by switching to monopod mode in no time.

Bubble Level

The tripod stand’s bubble level tells about the stability and tripod level concerning the ground. It is commonly observed that most of the budget-friendly tripod stands do not pay attention to the position of the bubble level and place it anywhere on the tripod stand. Consequently, the bubble level is not visible to the user once the camera is placed on the tripod stand. It is a source of significant discomfort to the photographer when you are uncertain about the tripod position and camera stability.

Zomei has meticulously planned the bubble level’s location on the tripod stand from where it is visible to the user after placing the camera in the tripod rig. The Zomei Z699C comes with a bubble level positioned right under the camera rig. It gives an advantage to the user to check the bubble level. In this way, it becomes easy for the user to ensure the camera’s stability and scale before capturing the photograph.

Twist-Legs Lock Mechanism

Twist-legs are a must-have requirement for modern tripod stands. The Zomei Z699C comes with twist-locks instead of flip-locks. Twist locks are an advanced feature that rarely happens with affordable tripod stands. Flip-lock mechanisms aren’t very efficient and don’t give a neat look. On the other hand, twist locks are effective and enhance the safety of the optical equipment placed on the tripod stand.

There are numerous excellent, independent first-hand reviews of this tripod on the internet. You can also give them a read to better understand the operations of this advanced tripod stand.

User Interface And Control System

Ball Head

The ball head of this Zomei tripod is smooth and adjustable. You can place the camera at any angle on the ball head to capture photographs at multiple angles. The ball head can be rotated up to 90-degrees from the horizontal position on either left and right directions. It means that you cannot set the camera at angles more than 90-degrees. It is the only limitation seen in the Zomei Z699C tripod.

The rotation of the ball head is smooth without any lag or distortion. Once you set the camera at the desired angle, you can easily lock the ball head.

The quick-release plate fits comfortably on the ball head once the camera is placed. On the base of the ball head, you’ll also find compass bearings marked. You can easily capture wide-angle and panorama photographs using the angle demarcation.

Adjustable Legs

The Zomei Z699C tripod’s legs are divided into five sections when the majority of the competitor tripod stands come with four sections only. Each section has its twist lock. Twist locks can easily be tightened or loosened with the help of bare hands as the sections come with grip joints. It gives a sense of relief once all the sections are inter-locked as you no longer need to worry about the weight balancing by this tripod. 

Some users find it a hassle to twist the leg joins and steer them in the upward and downward motion to adjust the heights and then lock them afterward. However, the twisted legs add to the overall safety of the optical equipment placed on the ball head of this Zomei tripod. 

The process of twist locking is quite simple once it becomes familiar. These joints come with grips that allow the user to rotate and slide the joints even with one hand. The user needs to unlock the joints first and then move them upward and downward direction to change the height. You can also twist the joints at different angles. 

Moving the joints is quite smooth and doesn’t require much manual force. Once you achieve the desired angle and height, you can rotate the joint to lock them properly. You must lock all the joints before capturing the photograph. The tripod stand may fall and cause unwanted damage to the camera if the joints aren’t locked properly. This lock system proves to be a hassle for some photographers who prefer flip joints. 

A Spare Quick Release Plate

The Zomei Z699C comes with a fast release plate system that allows the user to remove the camera from the ball head. It becomes a hassle for the user to remove the camera when the tripod stand has multiple camera rigs. This issue has been resolved by Zomei when there is one spare release plate that allows a quick and pain-free release of the camera from the rig. 

Counterweight Metal Hook

The tripod stand comes with a metal counterweight hook available at the base of the central column. The metallic hook is responsible for the stability of the tripod in extreme windy outdoor conditions. The Zomei Z699C comes with a fully cast metal hook as compared to a plastic hook that comes with the rest of the inexpensive tripod stands. 

 Build Quality And Design

Carbon Fiber

The Zomei Z699C is composed of carbon-fiber to give extra strength and durability to the tripod stand. The majority of the tripod stands available in the market are made with aluminum. Both materials are equally lightweight however, carbon-fiber is powerful as compared to aluminum. This high-quality composition of this Zomei tripod makes it robust and allows it to withstand rough and tough conditions. 

Size And Handling

The Zomei Z699C is a compact tripod that can be carried easily with a minimum length of 18-inches. The weight of this tripod stand is only 3.3 pounds which makes it a perfect compact tripod to carry.

Angle Adjuster

The angle adjusters are available on all the three legs that can be adjusted and locked at different positions to balance the tripod stand on uneven surfaces like mountain rocks and other landscapes. 

Tripod Feet

You can select between the two types of feet available with this Zomei tripod. You can switch between contoured rubber and metal spikes. The two types of feet make this tripod stand as an all-rounder for different types of surfaces. You can use the contoured rubber feet for flat surfaces, sand beaches, and indoor coverage. The metal spikes, on the other hand, are ideal for uneven or rocky surfaces. 


The Zomei Z699C Carbon Fiber Portable Tripod is a versatile tripod stand that provides endless options to the users to capture stunning photographs at different angles and positions. Not only that, but the tripod stand is also quite stable on different types of surfaces including wet ground, sand beaches, and uneven surfaces. 

The maximum height of the tripod stand is quite impressive that enables the user to capture wide-angle photographs at a maximum height of 60 inches. The legs are divided into five sections as compared to the majority of the tripod stands that come with four sections. All the sections can be rotated and twisted in different angles that allow the user to capture photographs from a different angle of view. Consequently, you can capture photos in crowded spaces like concerts, beach parties, etc. 

The tripod stand is made with carbon fiber that makes it light and strong. The Zomei Z699C is designed to bear a maximum weight of 15 kgs. The tripod stand is durable and sturdy that ensures the safety of your camera. This portable tripod stand is compatible with many cameras due to its adjustable ball joint top. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. 

This tripod is light-weight and well-designed for travel photography. The Zomei Z699C has established an excellent reputation as a compact and handy tripod stand that comes with a pouch bag. These features make this tripod the best tripod for Nikon d3500.