The Best Selfie Stick For Sony ZV-1 Cameras On The Market!

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The Sony ZV-1 is flying of the shelves as we expected due to having so my hype around its launch and a huge potential core customer base of Sony RX100 users looking to move over to what has been billed as the new king of YouTube cameras. The ZV-1 is actually seeing some exponential growth right now that actually looks like it might be increasing over the coming months due to the camera getting so many excellent reviews from the people who have picked it up and gave it a try.

Just like all of the latest popular cameras that get released onto the market, we have noticed a large number of people who own the ZV-1 reaching out with a number of questions about camera accessories for the camera to get the best image quality possible. As we touched on above, we are only expecting the sales of the camera to get stronger as time goes on so we are going to be publishing as much content based around the camera as we can to try and help any of our readers looking for camera accessories for it.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we have seen asked over and over again when it comes to the camera is based around the best selfie stick for Sony ZV-1 cameras. With the ZV-1 being billed as a YouTube camera while also having a flippy out screen, its not surprising that so many people are wanting a selfie stick when the vlog with it. That said though, the camera is able able to take some excellent, high resolution photographs that you can use for your Instagram too so people are also wanting selfie sticks for that.

Although the ZV-1 is fully compatible with the Sony GP-VPT2BT camera grip, it is short and does not offer the additional range of a decent selfie stick to get the best possible photograph while capturing as much of the background as possible. This is why, we recommend that any of our readers who are using the Sony ZV-1 and are looking for a selfie stick go with the Fugetek FT-568.

Fugetek were the first brand to realise that people would soon be looking for selfie sticks for actual cameras rather than just their smartphones and action cameras and decided to start developing these stronger, second generation sticks to meet the need. The FT-568 has the proven ability to be able to support a heavy DSLR camera with a heavy lens so supporting the 0.65 pound payload weight of your Sony ZV-1 is easy going for it.

Other than the reinforced build of the stick allowing it to support cameras heavier than a smartphone or action camera, the stick act just like a regular selfie stick while also being the same size and weight of the first generation sticks too. Due to this, the FT-568 has quickly built up a massive following while also having rightfully earned a great reputation for itself amongst the community. We will now be going over the various features of the stick to explain why we feel it should be the option for any of our readers who own the ZV-1.

Build Quality And Design

As we touched on above, the main difference between the Fugetek FT-568 and the other selfie sticks on the market right now is its build quality, unlike the competition that are usually designed for use with smartphones or action cameras, the FT-568 has been designed for use with point and shoot, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras from the very start. The stick is made from the exact same aluminium and magnesium alloy that the majority of aluminium based tripods are made from to ensure that you are getting a very tough and robust selfie stick that can easily hold your Sony ZV-1 without issue.

With so many of the competing selfie sticks on the market being made from either plastic or low quality steel, this alone helps to set the FT-568 apparat from the other sticks on the market while it  is at a very similar price point in the market to them. The aluminium alloy of the stick helps to keep its shape and precent it from bending or fracturing during use that in turn can weaken the structural integrity of the stick and potentially put your ZV-1 at risk.

With a sixteen inch maximum length the stick ensures that you are able to capture selfies with plenty of the background in the frame of the photograph making it ideal for use when traveling too. In addition to this, the structural integrity of the Fugetek FT-568 is maintained even when fully extended keeping your Sony ZV-1 safe during use. This is a common weakness with the other sticks on the market that will market themselves as being compatible with heavier cameras but then restrict the length that you are able to extend the stick to with a heavier camera mounted.

When it comes to the design of the Fugetek FT-568, there really is not much left to change when it comes to selfie sticks due to them being designed for one simple task. Due to this, design wise, the FT-568 is very similar to the other sticks on the market other than having a variable head for different camera types that we will touch on in the next section of the article.

User Interface

One of the most obvious things on the FT-568 selfies stick that sets it apart from the first generation sticks on the market is that it actually has flip locks at the various extension joints to let you securely lock them in place. There are very few other sticks on the market that offer this, let alone offer locks that actually work correctly and keep the stick extended with a camera mounted to it. The flip locks on the FT-568 use a similar design to flip locks on a tripod and they are very effective and very easy to use.

The Fugetek FT-568 comes with a standard quarter inch mounting thread with a variable pivot head that you can mount your Sony ZV-1 to for quick and easy use. In addition to this though, the smartphone mount included with the selfie stick also allows you to quickly and easily mount your smartphone to the stick if required too. You can mount an action camera directly to the quart inch mounting thread on the selfie stick but most people will pick up a specialist action camera mount for the stick for the additional functionality.


That brings our article on what we feel is the best selfie stick for Sony ZV-1 cameras on the market right now. As we have covered, the Fugetek Selfie Stick is the obvious option for any of our readers who are looking to add a stock to their collection of ZV-1 camera accessories. It is a great little stick that can easily take the payload weight of the camera without putting it at risk of falling while also being long enough to offer some excellent selfies while capturing the background too.

The versatility of the Fugetek FT-568 is the main reason that it has been able to rapidly grow such a huge core customer base of photographers and videographers in such a short period of time. The excellent build quality and performance of the stick has also lead to many of these people who use it as their selfie stick of choice choosing to publish their own, independent reviewsof the stick that you can read for additional information if you wish too.