The Best Nikon P1000 Lens Support!

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The Nikon p1000 keeps on going from strength to strength and shows no signs of its growth slowing down. In all honesty, due to the the camera body getting off to such an excellent start with very strong sales, we think that its popularity is only going to increase in the future due to it being an excellent little camera body. Due to the p1000 being so popular and having to many photographers using it as their camera body of choice, we see a large number of questions being asked about a ton of different camera accessories each month.

One of the most popular questions that we see for the camera is based around the best Nikon p1000 lens support due to so many people using the camera at its upper zoom ranges. Just like all super zoom cameras, if you are planning on using the camera with the lens fully extended on a regular basis then you will likely be mounting it to a tripod for the additional image stabilisation and thus, a lens support becomes an essential camera accessory.

Thankfully, there are a number of different lens supports on the market right now that can mount the Nikon p1000 and offer you some excellent performance and functionality. This really can add that extra layer of support for your camera and provide you with that additional stability during use. If you are on a right budget then the Neewer Telephoto Lens Support can be a decide, budget friendly lens support and it has managed to earn itself a great reputation amongst the community since its release.

That said though, our primary recommendation for our readers is definitely the Manfrotto 293 Telephoto Lens Support as it is probably the best lens support on the market right now. It has proven to be a very popular option amongst those who regularly use medium and long focus lenses that offer super zoom capabilities and coming from Manfrotto, you can rest assured that it has been designed to offer you the very best for the lowest possible price point.

Due to the price point of the Nikon p1000, we would highly recommend that our readers pay the additional cost of the Manfrotto 293 to get the additional protection over the Neewer lens support. Just like the vast majority of the rest of the Manfrotto range, the 293 has an excellent reputation amongst photographersthat just keeps on getting better. As the 293 is out primary recommendation to our readers, we will only be focusing on the 293 for the rest of our article and not touching on the Neewer lens support any more.

Performance And Functionality

Coming from Manfrotto, it should come as no surprise that the 293 lens support offers you the absolute best performance and functionality available on the market with little real competition from competing brands. The support is able to help improve the balance of your tripod when you have your Nikon p1000 mounted to it and the double layer dovetail groove is designed for a long base plate letting your p1000 fit perfectly.

When in use, the Manfrotto 293 lens support is able to totally prevent any unwanted shake in your p1000 when using it at its higher zoom capabilities. Due to the camera being a popular choice for outdoor photography niches such as wildlife and bird photography, this can also help to reduce the interference from the wind too.

Once your p1000 is sat on the y bracket, you simply attach the lens strap and you are good to go. As everything on the 293 is behind the lens, there is no chance of having issues with vignetting or another image contamination as you can with some of the other designs of lens supports on the market right now too. All in all, Manfrotto have shown why they are such a popular and trusted brand amongst photographers and videographers with this excellent lens support and we are not surprised that it is leading the market and dominating the niche.

User Interface

The Manfrotto 293 supports the universal screw meaning that you are able to mount any quick release plate that you have to the lens support without issue. You can use the standard Manfrotto quick release plate or an Arca Swiss plate or any other popular quick release plate on the market right now. This ensures that you can quickly and easily mount or unmount your Nikon p1000 to and from the Manfrotto 293 and switch it to any other tripod or camera accessory as required.

You are able to mount the lens support to a monopod if needed but in all honesty, we would usually recommend that you go with a traditional tripod with the p1000. The additional support from the additional two legs makes sure that your camera is as safe as possible when mounted and won’t accidentally tilt or fall over.

Build Quality And Design

Being a Manfrotto lens support, the build quality is excellent and it can take plenty of bumps and knocks without breaking. This can definitely work to your favour if you are in a photography niche where you will have to travel long distances to get onto your location. No matter how well you pack your camera accessories, they are always going to end up taking a few bumps and knocks so knowing that your lens support is robust and tough offers you the peace of mind that it won’t be breaking any time soon.


That brings our article going over why we feel that the Manfrotto 293 is the best Nikon p1000 lens support on the market right now. In our opinion, nothing even comes close to it and although it does come with an intermediate level price tag, it definitely offers professional level performance. This is why the 293 has managed to rightfully earn itself a massive user base of photographers and videographers as well as one of the best reputation goingthat just keeps on getting better and better with each passing month.