The Best Nikon Coolpix L830 Tips And Tricks For Better Photographs!

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Do you need a camera that takes great pictures and movies, but isn’t too expensive or complicated to use? Then get the Nikon Coolpix L830. Photography review sites say it gives a surprising amount of power for its price, but it’s not loaded with a lot of features that you’ll never use. No wonder it’s one of Nikon’s biggest bestsellers!

While the Nikon Coolpix L830 is designed to be very simple to use, it is more powerful than your typical point-and-click camera.  This article can help you explore its features and take your everyday pictures and home videos to a whole new level.

What Can The Nikon Coolpix L830 Do?

For most people, all you want from a camera is the ability to take really clear pictures and zoom in when you’re photographing from afar. And Nikon Coolpix L830 definitely wins at that game.

  • Powerful image quality. With its 16.0 megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor, you don’t need to be a
  • Capture all the action. With its 34x optical zoom, you can take great close-up shots even if you’re far away. Most massive zoom cameras tend to get shaky images at the maximum telephoto, but the Nikon has a built-in Vibration Reduction. Perfect for capturing your kids’ soccer game from the stands!
  • Autofocus on your target. With the smart autofocus, just point in the direction of your subject and it will predict what to focus on, even when you’re taking pictures of several people or someone who’s not in the center of the picture.   
  • Tiltable LCD monitor. Sometimes you need to shoot at really odd angles: holding your camera up to shoot over other people’s heads, or getting on the floor to capture your baby at play. With the fully articulated tiltable monitor, you can get the best view—and the best shot—each and every time.
  • Battery-operated. Power it up with readily-available AA batteries.

How To Take Great Portraits With The Nikon Coolpix L830

You’re in luck: the Coolpix has a built-in Smart Portrait System for easier and better beauty shots. Turn on the smile timer so that it can detect when the subject gives a smile (really useful when you’re trying to take pictures of kids!). Select the Skin Softening features to make you look 10 years younger. And if you’re taking a group photo, the Nikon Coolpix will even tell you if someone blinked. Here are other ways to get studio-worthy portraits, even without fancy lights.

Shoot during the golden hour

When the sun is low in the sky (like early morning or dusk) the light is gentler and softer. It’s like having your own ring-light—everyone skin is smoother and warmer, and small imperfections like lines or blemishes get blurred.

Change your angle

Don’t just take pictures at eye-level! You can take very interesting and dramatic shots by changing your camera height. Try taking pictures while standing on a chair or a box, or lying on the ground and shoot upwards. It changes the perspective and can include interesting background detail, too.

Avoid awkward smiles

Some people feel uncomfortable or self-conscious when they have their pictures taken. You’ll get more relaxed shots if you tell them to look away from the camera. Or, tell them to think about something—this will also capture their expression in their eyes.

Give them something to do

Capture them doing something they love, or holding an object that is meaningful to them. Then, let them be. Instead of telling them to look at the camera, change your angle and position to get the best shots. This is where the Nikon’s tiltable display and autofocus features really come in handy!

Have a prop box

This is an easy way to break the ice and get spontaneous shots! Funny hats and wigs, bubble blowers, toys and flags—they’re great for kids, and just as fun for adults. It’ll bring out their silly side and create very memorable photos.

How To Take Great Travel Shots With The Nikon Coolpix L830

Capture the beauty of the landscape or vibrant culture during your next vacation. Turn on the Nikon’s Scene Mode. It’s designed to automatically adjust to the unique light conditions when you take a picture at the beach or when it’s snowing, at sunset or at night. It’s a fool-proof way to get amazing travel photos in just a few clicks. Here are other tips for taking truly memorable pictures.

Include a focal point

Let’s say you’re a picture of a sunset, city nightscape, or a beautiful beach. So your picture looks more interesting, include one strong element that will attract the viewer’s eye. It could be a tall tree or building, or the mountains in the distance.

Use the rule of thirds

Most photographers avoid putting their focal point in the center of the picture. Instead, they use an imaginary grid of three horizontal and vertical lines (think Tic Tac Toe) and place the focal point in the points where the lines intersect.

Include small, local details

When you’re taking travel or vacation photos, it’s tempting to take hundreds of photos of landscapes or historical buildings. That’s a lot like buying 100 postcards. Be sure to take pictures of details and objects that capture the culture and “vibe” of the destination. For example, the fabrics and food at the local market, the street signs in different languages. Use the Nikon Coolpix L830’s zoom in feature to take incredible macro shots in breathtaking detail.

Use the panoramic feature

The Nikon’s built-in panoramic photo feature is one of the best ways to capture stunning landscapes. Just take a series of shots and the camera will “stitch” them together into one long picture.

Avoid harsh shadows

If you’re taking pictures of people outdoors, position yourself so the sun at a right angle to the subject. It avoids harsh shadows while still giving your camera enough light exposure to keep colors bright and crisp.  

How To Take Great Event Shots With The Nikon Coolpix L830

Sports games, birthday parties, family reunions—document these important events and milestones in photos and videos with the Nikon Coolpix L830. Here are some tips to take snapshots that tell a good story.

Take test shots

Before the action starts, take a few test shots so you can figure out the lighting and the best positions and angles. You may also be able to get a few “behind the scenes” shots that are worth keeping!

Make a shot list

It’s easy to forget what pictures to take when things get really busy. Make a simple shot list that includes both the event highlights and any other “detail shots” – like closeups of the birthday cake or table settings.

Get creative

Experiment with different angles and layouts: panoramic shots of the event venue, product flat lays, thematic set ups. Try the Nikon Coolpix L830’s different scene modes to take “mood shots” of ordinary objects. It also has fun effects like sepia, toy camera mode, and selective color.

Use the burst mode for action shots

The Nikon Coolpix L830’s Burst Mode will take a series of photos in rapid sequence. It can take up to five photos at a rate of 8.7 frames per second. You can either pick the best pictures, or use this feature to capture the change in expressions.

Bear in mind that the camera speed will slow down if it’s at full zoom. For best results, it’s better to go closer to the subject rather than zooming in.

Turn on the Indoor/Party Mode

This Nikon Coolpix L830 setting is best for taking pictures in an indoor venue with tricky lighting (fluorescent, spotlights, etcetera), or in busy clubs and restaurants. It will help balance the colors to reduce the yellow cast.  However, don’t use this mode if your event is outdoors or if the venue has a lot of good natural light.

Capture the most important moments in video

This camera can take short videos in full HD quality, and is designed to reduce the risk of shake. Even if you’re walking while you film, or panning the camera to capture the whole room, the images stay stable.

Nikon Coolpix L830: The All Around Camera That Anyone Can Use

While the Coolpix doesn’t have the full range of features of Nikon’s DSLRs, its simplicity and convenience makes it the practical choice for people who just want the ability to take good pictures of everyday life and important personal milestones. It’s affordable, sturdy, and actually gives better performance than cameras in the same price range.

The features are carefully curated so that you only get what you will likely use every day. Why would you need full manual settings, when the only thing you will realistically need is zooming in? And if you don’t have time to learn about apertures and shutter speed, it already figures out the right settings for different light conditions.

But despite this simplicity, it can still give you a lot of creative freedom. Experiment with different settings and modes, change your angles, and learn simple photography techniques like proper framing. You’ll soon be taking pictures that even a professional photographer would be proud of.