The Best Gimbal For Fujifilm XT4 Cameras!

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With the recent release of the Fujifilm XT4 we have noticed more and more photographers and videographers reaching out with questions about the best camera accessories to ensure that they get the best image quality possible. With the excellent performance of the Fujifilm XT4 when it comes to videography, its not surprising that we have seen a huge number of people reaching out and asking for advice on the best gimbal for Fujifilm XT4 cameras.

As you probably know, there are an absolute ton of three axis gimbal stabilizers on the market right now but unfortunately, many of them are either overpriced or offer sub-par performance. Thankfully though, the Zhiyun Weebill S is an outstanding handheld gimbal stabilizer that has a very budget friendly price tag while offering you outstanding performance and functionality too.

Zhiyun have added a number of upgrades to the Weebill S over their older gimbal stabilisers to not only improve the level of image stabilizaton that it is able to provide you but to also help ensure it is as tough, robust, and cheap as possible too. This is why the gimbal keeps on going from strength to strength amongst the community and blowing the competition out of the water. Since its release, the Zhiyun Weebill S has managed to rightfully earn itself a great reputation amongst videographers that just keeps on getting better and better.

We will now be taking a more detailed look at the Zhiyun Weebill S and what it has to offer you to try and offer as much information to our readers as possible. We feel that offering an in-depth breakdown is always the best route to take as it lets us explain why we feel our recommended product is the best option as well as why it beats the compeating gimbals on the market right now too.

Performance And Functionality

The Zhiyun Weebill S is the latest addition to the gimbal lineup from Zhiyun that has managed to dominate the stabilizer space for over a decade now. Although the older gimbals in their lineup did have some solid competition from brands such as DJI, the new Zhiyun Weebill S absolutely blows the competing gimbals on the market out of the water with little to no effort.

This is largley due to Zhiyun using all of the experience and knowledge that they have gained and putting it all into the Weebill S as well as innovating on a number of areas of the gimbal to ensure that it is the best it can be. This ensures that you are getting a relatively small and lightweight gimbal for your Fujifilm XT4 that is very budget friendly when you take into account the performance, image stabilization, and functionality that it offers you into account.

The Fujifilm XT4 camera body comes in with a weight of around 1.16 pounds meaning that the 6.61 pound maximum payload weight offered by the Zhiyun Weebill S is easily enough to support the vast majority, if not all Fujifilm XT4 setups with ease. This allows you to mount pretty much any combination of camera accessories that you are able to think of to your camera and have the Zhiyun Weebill S support it and provide you with its excellent levels of image stablization with ease.

In addition to this, the massive maximum load capacity of the Zhiyun Weebill S also ensures that if you do end up upgrading your Fujifilm XT4 to a heavier camera body in the future, your gimbal will probably be able to support the heavier camera body and its camera accessories too. We know that a large number of of readers use multiple camera bodies when working so the load capacity of the Weebill S works to your favour here too by offering plenty of support for the majority of popular camera bodies on the market right now.

Zhiyun gimbals have always had a solid battery life but their engineers have been tinkering away with their design to ensure that the batteries on the Weebill S are not only smaller and lighter than their previous batteries but that they are also now able to offer up to fourteen hours of battery life. This should easily be enough for the majority of our readers who use the Fujifilm XT4 to get all of the video footage that they need between chances to recharge their gimbal.

The recharging system on this new range of Zhiyun handheld gimbal stabilizers has also been overhauled too meaning that you are able to recharge the Weebill S in as little as only three hours. Not only does this new recharging system on the gimbal minimize downtime but it also means that most of the high powered USB power banks on the market are able to recharge your gimbal while on the go.

We know that being able to recharge your gimbal via a USB power bank may not be much use to some of our readers but on the flipside of this, we know that we have a large number of travel vloggers amongst our readers too. If you are a travel vlogger or working in any type of videography niche where you know that you will have to travel around on a regular basis then being able to charge your gimbal from a USB power bank can ensure you always have the juice to record the footage you need.

Another area where Zhiyun have improved the performance of the Weebill S over the older gimbals in their range is that their new gimbal motors are able to offer four times the torque than their older motors while also requiring less power to provide the image stabilization too. This means that you can use longer lenses with your Fujifilm XT4 while having it mounted to your gimbal and not have issues with vibrations due to the centre of gravity changing.

Another great improvement to the Zhiyun Weebill S is that its motors are extremely quiet meaning that they will not contaminate your audio track when providing your image stabilization for your Fujifilm XT4. Even in this day and age, some of Zhiyuns competition are releasing gimbals that have motors that click when adjusting and can spoil your audio track resulting in a large amount of post production editing. Thankfully though, the motors on the Weebill S are almost silent and your on camera microphone on your Fujifilm XT4 or an external microphone will not pick them up.

All of this is why we feel that the Zhiyun Weebill S is the best gimbal for Fujifilm XT4 cameras on the market right now. In all honesty, we actually think that the Weebill S is the best general-purpose gimbal on the market right now for any mirrorless or DSLR camera and judging by the excellent reputation that the gimbal has it would seem that the community agree with us.

User Interface And Control System

Zhiyun have always been sure to offer their users a very simple and streight forward user interface and control system and the Zhiyun Weebill S is no different. Everything about it has been designed to ensure that the videographer has maximum control over the gimbal head allowing you to easily and smoothly pan or tilt your Fujifilm XT4 as required. This ensures that you will always be getting the best image quality possible when recording with your camera and that the footage will be smooth no matter what you are going.

The interface also allows you to quickly and easily navigate the settings menu on the gimbal without having to waste time too. So many older Zhiyun gimbals as well as gimbals from compeating brands have a confusing navigation menu but Zhiyun have redesigned their system to make it as easy as possible. If you are familiar with the old Zhiyun navigation system, you will instantly see that the new system on the Weebill S is much easier to use and allows you to rapidly tweak settings without having to waste time.

Smartphone App

Although this is not specific to the Zhiyun Weebill S, Zhiyun totally overhauled their smartphone app a few years back making it much easier to use and fixing the problems that it had with connecting to their gimbals. Although the smartphone app for the Zhiyun gimbal range does still tend to have a bad reputation, the vast majority of the bad press that has causes this is from before the app was overhauled.

As the app is a free, none essential accessory for the gimbal, it is well worth downloading and playing with. Although you can do all of the tasks from the gimbal control interface that the app supports, the new interface on the app lets you change settings within seconds instead of minutes making it well worth downloading.

Build Quality And Design

If you are an experienced videographer who has been in the game for a few years, there is a high chance that you have already heard of the Zhiyun range and are fully aware of their excellent reputation for the build quality of their handheld gimbal stabilizers. They are extremley well known for offering you a tough and robust stabilizer that can take a ton of punishment without breaking meaning that it can take a ton of knocks and bumps when recording with your Fujifilm XT4 and the gimbal will be fine.

The Weebill range of gimbals from Zhiyun has totally shaken up the design of modern 3 axis gimbal stabilizers too as they offer the overhead grip point as well as the shorter underhand grip for better control too. Although there are a number of third-party gimbal accessories available to offer this functionality with the other gimbals on the market, having the functionality offered nativley on your gimbal offers a number of benefits.

Firstly, with the Zhiyun Weebill S offering all of this right out of the box, you know the grips are built to the same high quality standards as the rest of the gimbal offering you peace of mind that your Fujifilm XT4 will be face during use, even if you do use a heavy camera rig. On top of that, knowing that the grips have been specifically designed for use with the Weebill S also ensures that they mount correctly. We have seen countless reports of third-party accessories not mounting correctly then coming off during use causing gimbals and cameras to fall to the ground.

The gimbal is also very small and relatively lightweight too meaning that it is one of the easier options on the market right now for anyone who has to travel with all of their videography equipment. The grips that we touched on above are also removable too making the Weebill S easier to pack in your luggage and drastically reducing its size for travel.


It really is easy to see why the Zhiyun Weebill S is absolutely dominating the gimbal space right now and why we feel that it is the best gimbal for Fujifilm XT4 cameras. It offers the best performance out there while having one of the best build qualityes and designs that we have ever seen from a handheld gimbal. Although there are a number of different gimbal brands on the market these days, we feel that every other brand has fallen short of coming close to beating Zhiyun for this generation of gimbals.

The gimbal has an absolute ton of excellent reviews from other independent videographers who use it as their go to gimbal stabilizer of choice too. If you want some external opinions on just how good the gimbal actually is as well as why videographers and vloggers are flocking to it in their droves then those reviews are well worth checking out.