The Best Bag For Sony ZV-1 Cameras!

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It is not surprising that the Sony ZV-1 has managed to get off to such an excellent start with some of the strongest initial sales on release that we have ever seen. The ZV-1 essentially had a waiting customer base of people use have been using the Sony RX100 waiting for the release of the ZV-1 due to it being billed as the best YouTuber camera ever made. On top of this, from what we can tell, the ZV-1 has also managed to take a large amount of custom from Canon due to their new Canon G7X III falling short of what people were expecting.

This has led to the Sony ZV-1 managing to rapidly establish itself as the go to entry level YouTuber camera on the market while quickly growing a huge core customer base for itself amongst the wider photography and videography communities too. Just like the other popular camera bodies on the market, we have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking a number of different questions about the various camera accessories that are worth owning for the ZV-1.

Although we have taken the time to answer a number of these questions already, one of the more commonly asked questions that we have not answered yet is based around the best bag for Sony ZV-1 cameras. We are seeing more and more people reaching out about bags for the camera so we are going to be focusing on this for our article today. Although there are a number of different camera bags and cases on the market that the ZV-1 will fit into, we feel that the JJC Neoprene Case For The Sony ZV-1 is one of the better options on the market right now.

Not only does the JJC Neoprene Case offer your ZV-1 some solid protection due to its padding but it is also very budget-friendly, small, and easy to use too. This has helped the case quickly grow itself a solid reputation amongst the community and with the ZV-1 and other cameras that can fit in the case just becoming more and more popular, we are only expecting more of the same in the future as more and more photographers, videographers, and YouTubers add the case to their collection of camera accessories.

Performance And Functionality

The JJC Neoprene Case For The Sony ZV-1 is just a simple camera case that has been designed to perfectly house the Sony ZV-1 when not in use but the main advantage that it has over what many of the competing camera bags and cases are offering on the market right now is the fact that it is so cheap. It is around half the price of some of the other compeating cases on the market right now while offering the same levels of protection for your camera making it stand out against the competition due to it being so budget-friendly.

Due to the JJC Neoprene Case For The Sony ZV-1 being predominantly made from the highest possible quality elastic neoprene, it offers a soft protective pouch for your ZV-1. Neoprene is a great material for these camera bags and cases as it can easily, and cheaply provide your camera with great protection against bumps and drops while in the case with it absorbing most of the chick of impact. On top of this, Neoprene is also great for protecting the camera from abrasions and due to it encasing the ZV-1 fully when inside of the case, it also helps to protect it from scratches.

The case comes with two additional pockets that allow you to carry spare batteries, decent, cheap memory cards, a card reader or any other small camera accessory that you may have to carry around with your Sony ZV-1. This helps to ensure that no matter where you are, you always have additional power and storage available for your camera helping to combat two of the main problems that people tend to have. In this day and age of 4k and higher video footage, you can quickly fill up the smaller memory cards and use up your available battery life so having spares with you is always a good idea.

All in all, JCC have done a great job of creating a solid little camera bag and case that can protect your Sony ZV-1 very well without you having to spent too much money. Depending on the type of case or bag that you are wanting for your camera, we would highly recommend that our readers seriously consider this for their ZV-1 and we are not suprised that the case has managed to earn so many great reviews from photographers, videographers, and YouTubers since release. If you do have a few minutes spare, it is definitely worth skimming over those reviews as they offer valuable, third-party, independent insight into just how well the case performs for protecting cameras.

User Interface

Being a regular camera case, the user interface on the JJC Neoprene Case For The Sony ZV-1 is very simple and straight forward as you would expect. You simply place your Sony ZV-1 inside of the case, add your memory cards, spare batteries or other camera accessories to the pouches on the case and then flip the protective lif over and attach it to the touch based fastening flap.

Although it is a very simple system, it has an excellent track record of being able to protect your camera once sealed and will hold the lock until you manually release it. This will also help to keep any camera accessories in the pouches of the case in place too allowing you to transport all of the equipment in the case with ease.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best bag for Sony ZV-1 cameras to a close. Although there are many options on the market for all price ranges, the majority of the people who we see reaching out are looking for a cheap option and the JJC Neoprene Case For The Sony ZV-1 is the ideal option and it is easy to see why it has the great reputation it does amongst the community. In addition to this, as the Sony ZV-1 grows in popularity and more and more people end up looking for a camera case for it, we only expect more people to be picking this case up and for its reputation to continue to get better.