Does The Canon G7X Have A Mic Input? – A Full Breakdown!

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It is a well known fact that the Canon G7X is one of, if not the most popular point and shoot camera body that has ever been made. Its only real competition is the Sony RX100 and although the RX100 is generally considered to be a much better camera, it also retails at a much higher price point making the Canon G7X the ideal entry level camera for YouTubers and photographers on a tighter budget.

Due to this, sales of the G7X just keep on increasing with each passing month and show no signs at all of slowing down. As you would expect for such a popular and dominating camera, we constantly see a large number of people reaching out and asking questions about the Canon G7X. Due to so many people using the camera for vlogging and videography, one of the most commonly asked questions that we see is based around “Does the canon g7x have a mic input?“.

Due to seeing so many people asking this and no sign of the number of people reaching out asking it slowing down anytime soon, we have decided to make it the main focus of todays article. Our hope is that we will be able to help any of our readers who are looking to add the Canon G7X to their camera collection and ensure that you are getting what you need.

Does The Canon G7X Have A Mic Input

Well, this is actually going to depend on the variant of the G7X that you are looking to get. At the time of writing, there are currently three different variants of the Canon G7X on the market. The first two, the mark i and the mark ii do not have an external microphone input but the Canon G7X mark iii does.

This means that if you are set on adding a Canon G7X to your collection and are wanting it to have an external microphone input so you can use it with a decent external microphone, you are going to have to go with the G7X mark iii. That said, in our opinion, the higher price tag of the Canon G7X III compared to the performance improvements to the older variants in the G7X range is just not worth it if you are specifically wanting it for the external microphone.

Better Options Than The Canon G7X That Have External Microphone Inputs

As we touched on above, the Sony RX100 has been in competition with the Canon G7X for years now and although it comes with a higher price point, we do feel that it is definatley the better option if you have the budget available. Another alternative is the Sony ZV-1 that is taking the vlogging world by storm right now even though it has only been available for a matter of months at the time of writing.

The Sony ZV-1 has a very similar price tag to the Canon G7X mark iii while offering better image quality in our opinion as well as an external microphone input jack. At the time of writing, we feel that the ZV-1 is probably the best entry level camera option available if you are wanting to improve your vlogging and should be your primary option over any variant of the Canon G7X range.

We know that some people are Canon purists so a great, very popular alternative to the Canon G7X mark iii that is more of an intermediate level camera and will last you much longer through your vlogging career is the Canon m50. As we just mention, in our opinion, Sony have the entry level vlogging camera market under lock and key with their ZV-1 but we feel it flips back to Canon and their m50 when you get to the intermediate level cameras.

In addition to offering better image quality to the Canon G7X camera range while also having an external microphone input, the Canon m50 also offers you the ability to switch between lenses. This ensures that you are always able to ensure you have the type of lens required for your specific vlogging or photography session.

For Anyone With Their Heart Set On A Canon G7X

As we covered earlier in the article, if you are looking for a decent mirrorless camera that won’t break the bank and has an external microphone input then the Canon G7X iii can be a solid option as the other variants on the market at the time of writing don’t support external microphones. Although it did have a rough start when it was first released onto the market, a number of firmware updates from Canon seem to have fixed the main bugs and issues with the camera and it is starting to build a decent reputation for itself.

Although we have no inside information on this, we have seen a few roumers starting about the next addition to the G7X range, the mark iv and we really do hope that Canon are able to either improve the performance of the camera or bring the price tag down drastically. With the recent release of the Sony ZV-1, Canon is definitely dropping a large portion of the vlogging market share to Sony so they are going to have to pull something out of the bag and fast.


That brings our article going over if the Canon G7X has an external microphone to a close. We know that the on-board microphones on these entry level point and shoot cameras are low quality so it is obvious that people wanting to improve their vlog footage are going to want an external microphone. We just feel that there are much better options out there right now than the G7X iii and we would highly recommend that you consider the Sony ZV-1 as its sales are exponential right now.