7 Nikon Coolpix L810 Tips And Tricks For Better Photographs!

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Nikon remains to be one of the top camera competitors in the market for as long as anyone can remember. They’ve become a household name based on the quality of the work alongside the premium quality gear they put out with every new addition to their exquisite line. 

The Coolpix line is renowned for providing top-notch digital photography works, and their Nikon Coolpix L810 is no exception. This new addition brings in a new world for the DSLR with the latest and improved 26x zoom capacity on the device.

This camera incorporates both a telephoto lens and wide lens within its compact digicam built. It has a relatively small 16 megapixel CCD sensor of 11mm lain diagonally. This Nikon piece can shoot up to 720p HD and EXPEED C2 image processing to give you good quality images. 

The Nikon Coolpix L810 has a 3 inch LCD screen and runs on AA batteries. It is designed for photographers of all kinds, and it provides the maximum ease of control and versatility for your needs whether you’re just a beginner or have been in the photography game for a very long time. 

Photography is a calming and relaxing activity for most casual photography lovers, and the L series from Coolpix brings you just that. With the L standing for Life, Nikon has curated this line for all those easy-going photographers that can point and shoot to capture the beautiful moments through their lens. 

Nikon Coolpix L810 brings in a world of sophisticated technology and a diverse range of setting options so you can get the sophisticated formal look of the DSLR images while capturing the RAW images for your street photography ventures. 

Guide For Operating The Nikon Coolpix L810

We understand that getting the hang of this camera may be a bit tricky. So, here we’ve devised a list of our tips to set up and work your camera with complete ease. 

  • To operate the zoom on the L810, you need to use the zoom ring that is wrapped around the shutter release. There’s another zoom rocker on the lens barrel as well. 
  • To shoot steadily, you can get support from under the barrel and use the zoom rocker on the barrel. 
  • Above the secondary zoom rocker, there’s a handy flash button that automatically props up the flash accessory after a press. You can handle the flash settings from your screen under flash options. These settings include slow sync flash, forced on and forced off as well as red-eye option and the usual auto flash. 
  • The top of the camera is pretty basic in its layout. The microphone sits right behind the flash in a dome-like an accessory. The power button and the speaker are located towards the right side.
  • On the back of the camera, you will find the video direction button that will record the video straight away regardless of the mode setting you’ve selected at the moment. 
  • To get reasonable control over the video direction, you need to figure out the video settings and choose the options that best suit your needs. These include resolution settings, autofocus and the reduction of wind noise. Adjusting these accordingly will provide you with crisp video content with top tier recording. 
  • There are four buttons around the navigation pad which is located right beneath the thumb rest. The top button allows you to select various modes and see the images you’ve taken prior. The bottom buttons take you to the menu and help you delete pictures. 
  • The navigation buttons also double up as buttons for accessing the macro shooting mode, flash options, timer options and exposure compensation. 
  • A great feature of the L series cameras is the simplified menus. You can easily navigate in the directory and choose the setting you wish to toggle. The tabs are simplified, and you get an overall cleaner-looking menu in the Coolpix L810.
  • You can quickly shoot in a variety of color profiles such as vivid colors, the chic black and white, the nostalgic sepia and of course, the cyanotype. 
  • The L series is all about the simplicity of photography and help you capture the essential moments of your life. Therefore, it doesn’t have a plethora of fancy features but has adequate control options for you to get a pleasing photography experience that is hassle-free. 
  • The components within the digital camera are jam-packed with premium processing capabilities. The ED lens and the VR system provide stabilization for all your shots even whilst zooming out. 
  • The C2 certified processor helps to transfer the date of all your camera contents speedily and gives you an easy flow of control between hardware components. 
  • You will require 4 AA batteries to operate this camera effectively.
  • If you opt for the pre-focused option while shooting, you will experience the general lag of 0.08 seconds, which is common amongst most digital cameras. 
  • If you’re looking to get quick shots within the 10th of a second, switch to continuous mode. This will help you capture around six successive images in a 10-second time frame.
  • The best shot selector option is a gem for those looking to take premium HDR photos.
  • The multi-shot 16 modes help to take 24 pictures of low resolution and with the help of high analyzing power and excellent processing; it manages to get a crisp image as the final product. 

Tips And Tricks For Nikon Coolpix L810 Photography

Now, that we’ve gotten the hang of the general settings and settings to work best, we will discuss the top tips we have if you’re planning to keep the Nikon Coolpix L810 as your go-to camera.

These tips are great for capturing pictures in any situation and will help you get a good shot of the environment around you quickly and easily. Here are all the best setting options that you can use to get the perfect crisp picture. 

Adjusting The Noise

Noise is havoc to get rid of whether it is in the highlights or the deep dark corners of your shot. Adjusting the ISO will help you get the best sort of noise reduction depending on the setting you choose to stick with. 

Lower ISO will give you speedy performance and smoothed out pictures with crisp edges. This is viable for the ISO of 100 to 200, but any above it will get you slight breaks and cracks in the definition. You might lose the crisp edges as the ISO increases to mid-level, but you will not get any color noise in the image.

Color noise and distortion occurs around the ISO of 800, and it is especially visible in the darker areas of the picture. If you’re going to shoot at 1600 ISO, then it is better to expect no quality at all. The results from a high ISO are for a selected taste only and rarely qualify for crisp images. 

Noise Adjustment With Low Resolution

Yes, despite the high-resolution results that this camera has to offer; choosing to shoot in lower resolution will simplify your life tremendously.  

Shooting in low resolution automatically reduces the annoying noise in deeper parts of your images while maintaining a smooth canvas in terms of distortion across the image. 

Avoiding The Scenes

Despite the fancy appearance of scene modes, we recommend you refrain from using them. Instead, opt for the regular Auto mode for day to day use. This will help get a crisp quality result without it looking distorted or the images being over or under saturated. 

Auto mode captures the moments at regular settings and rarely causes any problem in terms of exposure, resolution and overall image aesthetic.

Make Use Of The Zoom

The Nikon Coolpix L810 has an excellent wide span zoom lens which can zoom in up to 26 times the size of the image. Utilizing this feature might get you one of the best shots you’ve ever taken.

You can take macro photos without the flash bringing in the shadow of your lens. If your camera doesn’t pick the object up correctly, try to zoom out and zoom in again to gain full focus. 

Make It Colorful

The color options on the Nikon Coolpix L810 are impeccable, and we can testify for that. The vivid color option makes the pictures look so much fuller of life and bring out all the beauty that the auto mode color options might be missing out on.

You can also opt for the black and white or sepia mode to get some cool editorial shots in during the day. I mean black and white filter makes every single picture look bomb, so why not use it in the color settings for this camera. 

Investing In Good Editing Software

The last tip for any camera use whether you’re a novice or an expert, good editing software will bring about the hidden magic in your photography. Color grading and editing fixes are what make the picture Instagram worthy and getting a premium quality editing software will give you just that.


The Nikon Coolpix L810 is priced at 250 dollars making it a steal for the feature it has to offer. With incredible stabilization and 26x zoom, this Nikon camera will not disappoint you. This a right budge digital camera perfect for all amateur photographers out there.