5 Sony A6300 Vlogging Tricks For Better Vlog Footage!

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If you are considering starting a vlog right now is the best time to begin one. More people are staying at home and looking to their social media platforms for forms of entertainment. The best vloggers are seeing their follower count sky-rocket more now then ever before. 

Vlogging isn’t something that just anybody can do. You need to embody a particular set of skills to stand out among the crowd. Being able to speak to the camera naturally is one of the most important things a vlogger needs to master. If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, your audience will feel just as uncomfortable watching your videos. 

With a bit of practice and a lot of determination you can start making videos that attract thousands of new followers. Along with perfecting your presence on camera, you will also need to practice your techniques off screen as well. With the right choice in camera, practicing your filming techniques will be the easiest part of your vlogging journey.

Sony is well-known for making cameras that vloggers trust. Many experienced vloggers will say that the Sony A6300 is their go-to camera when they are ready to make a new video. Not only is it very easy to learn how to use, but you also get a perfect shot every single time. The Sony A6300 is the best camera you can get for under $1000.

If you are interested in starting a vlog we have some tips to help you get started. With the Sony A6300 in your hands, you can start making professional looking vlogs today. 

What Is Your Vlog About?

All of the best vloggers have something they are passionate about. When you watch their videos they seem genuinely excited to be filming another episode for their page so they can share their latest tidbit of information with everyone. 

Before you begin your vlog you should decide on a niche for your videos. If you don’t have a niche, people won’t have a reason to follow you. Your audience wants to see a particular style of video and that is the reason they follow you. 

Choose a niche that you are passionate about so you never run out of ideas for content. This will keep your vlog fun for you as well. When you film a new piece of content you will want to share it with your audience as soon as it’s ready because you know they’ll be just as excited as you are.

The Sony A6300 has one-touch remote, so you can turn your smart-phone into a viewfinder. The one-touch sharing allows you to instantly share your videos over to your phone. This makes it easier for you to film live streams for your audience wherever your location is. 

All you have to do is download the Imaging Edge mobile app onto your phone, and then touch the phone to the camera in order to connect them. This also works on tablets. 

Tell Us A Story

Every great vlogger has built up their following by finding a unique way of telling their story. What a lot of popular vloggers do is take their cameras with them everywhere they go throughout the day. They then capture a lot of random footage to bring home and sift through. This is how they create those artistic compilation videos. 

Once the vloggers go through their footage, they pick out the clips they think their audience will enjoy and put it together to tell a story of their day. Since they never know when they will need to pull out their camera to get a good shot, they need to have a camera that is reliable for picking up their subject on a moment’s notice.

The Sony A6300 is a favorite among vloggers because of it’s 4D Focus. This incredibley fast focus system uses a 425 phase detection autofocus points to get the subject into full focus. Since a lot of your clips could be random, it’s important to have good autofocus. Some things can’t be re-filmed after they happen (animal vloggers know all about this one).

Even if you are filming something very exciting, your audience won’t care if they can’t see it. Vloggers worldwide are impressed by the 4D Focus feature on the Sony A6300. It has helped them capture some of the most amazing moments for their vlogs. 

You literally won’t miss a thing when you have a camera that has 4D focus enabled. 

Talk To The Camera Naturally

One area where a lot of new vloggers go wrong is talking to the camera. As mentioned earlier, you need to be comfortable talking in front of the camera. A lot of people think they are okay to do this, but once the red light flicks on they tense up. 

There should be no pressure when filming a segment for your vlog. A tip for filming a good piece is to not think of the camera as a camera, but rather one of your friends. Start having a conversation with it as though you were taking the same dialogue and telling your best friend about it. If you keep this in mind, you will notice that you sound a lot more natural when you film.

Now that you know how to speak naturally to the camera, lets talk about looking natural. Sony A6300 has 4K movie recording, which means that you will get the most cinematic look to your shots possible. This camera shoots at 4K with a 1080p of variety in framerates. You won’t look grainy or pixelated at all. When your audience watches your videos the quality will be so good that it will look like you’re in the room with them.

The 4K movie recording also makes editing your videos easier than ever before. You can slow down the video to be exactly where you need it for editing. This makes it easier to crop out any unnecessary footage. 

Collaborate With Local Vloggers

One of the best ways to expand your audience is to collaborate with other vloggers. This is a way in which you guys can work together to give each other’s page a boost in new views. When they feature the video with you on their page, it will direct their followers to your page. Ultimately, the collaboration should help you both grow in the vlogging community. Not only will you catch the attention of new viewers, but also other vloggers. 

Since your mission as a vlogger is to record your outings, it makes more sense for you to collaborate with local vloggers who you can plan a meet-up with. One thing to take into consideration is your follower count. Look for a vlogger who is in a similar situation as you follower-wise. A vlogger with half a million followers has nothing to benefit from a collaboration with someone who only has 100 followers. 

You never know where a collaboration with another vlogger will take you, so it’s important to have a camera that can shoot in low lights. The Sony A6300 is one of the best cameras for capturing amazing footage when there’s minimal light. 

This camera has an ISO range of 100 to 51,200 making it one of the best cameras to go from a brightly lit room to a dark parking lot while keeping a clear shot. Experienced vloggers can’t get over how amazing the ISO range is considering that this is one of Sony’s cheaper cameras. 

Don’t Stop Hustling

One thing that frustrates new vloggers is how long it takes to get noticed. At the very beginning it may seem like nobody is watching your videos. It does take a lot of time, effort, and hard work to get notcied in the vlogging community. Once you get noticed the hard work is worth it.

Until then, keep on hustling. Think of the reasons you wanted to start your vlog in the first place. There is a passion in your eye and you need to share it with the world. No matter how tough times get, don’t stop creating your content. Your fans will find your videos if you keep putting them out there.

Let the Sony A6300 capture your passion with its breathtaking Eye AF. The 4D autofocus isn’t the only amazing focus feature this camera has to offer. The accurate Eye AF consistently keeps your subject’s eyes in focus as they continue their journey in motion. 

They can do jumps, flips, and dances all around the room and the Sony A6300 will still perfectly capture the glimmer in their eyes. This feature allows you to get the most accurate video shot of your subject without fewer mishaps. 

The Eye AF feature will capture the enjoyment in your eyes when you film your vlog segments. Eventually your videos will catch the eye of someone who sees this and things will only go up from there. That is why you need to keep on hustling.