5 Sony A6000 Sports Photography Tricks For Better Photographs!

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Whether it’s a Little League Baseball game, a pickup Basketball game or the Super Bowl, the world of sports can provide us with some of the most interesting and eye-catching photography there is. If you’re trying to document the next big game, I have 5 tips for you that can help elevate your images from simple point and shoot photography, to the kind of pictures you’d see in a magazine or on a billboard! 

First and foremost, you’re going to need the right equipment. While it is possible to take professional quality pictures on something as simple and ubiquitous as an iPhone or Tablet, having the proper technology is crucial if you want your work to stand out and stand the test of time. Today, we’ll be talking about the Canon A6000 camera, a lightweight digital camera that is easy to transport, easy to use, and will undoubtedly leave you with some stunning images. 

The Canon A6000 will not only work out of the box for beginners with a passion for photography, but for those with a little more experience with film equipment, it also provides a highly customizable experience, making it the perfect choice for documenting anything from a backyard Soccer game to the Winter Olympics.

As always, remember to stay safe, keep your distance, and ask for permission when shooting publicly. 

And without further adieu, let’s get into this list of 5 tips for the Canon A6000, so you can begin taking museum quality portraits of your sport of choice! 

Take Advantage Of The Extremely Fast Autofocus

One of the greatest benefits of the Canon A6000 is that it has an extremely fast autofocus feature. Sometimes the action in a sporting event can move too quickly for a lower quality camera to take in, leaving your photos blurry or out of focus. However, a fast autofocus like the Canon provides will leave all your motion shots looking extremely crisp. In sports, particularly in the most high intensity moments, things can be moving so quickly that it can be hard to catch up to, but the Canon A6000 will take care of that for you, with its ability to automatically find faces and standout moments within the movement. 

This is a particularly useful feature for those with a bit less experience shooting professionally. As mentioned, the Canon A6000 is highly customizable, so one would have the ability to manually focus should they choose to do so, but this model’s autofocus feature really works wonders. Imagine standing on the sidelines during a gymnastics tournament or wrestling match, where you could stand outside the fray, away from the lightning fast movements and action of the sport, but still have undeniably clear photos of the faces, the effort, and all the energy the athletes are putting into it. The autofocus feature on this camera is truly one of the best around, making it the perfect purchase for any photographer. Whether you’re a professional, an aspiring artist, or just a concerned parent hoping to document your child’s special event, rest assured that with the Canon A6000, your photos will be in focus and beautifully clear.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take A TON Of Pictures

Take as many photos as possible! One of the major perks of any digital camera, but particularly the Canon A6000, is the ability to rack up a great deal of photos in an instant. With burst mode, one can simply keep their finger on the shutter button, and take up to dozens of photos at once. This is an invaluable tool when shooting sports, because the action moves so quickly, you might miss something incredible by simply trying to shoot at the right time. Burst mode allows you to look for more moments, than individual split seconds of the game. Capturing those instantaneous moments is almost impossible, even for professional photographers, so if you’re looking to document any kind of big game or high action plays, burst mode is going to be your best friend.

The Canon A6000 makes it extremely convenient to capture photos this way, leaving you with lots and lots of photos to pour over later, allowing you to find the one that is right for you. Simply hoping you land the perfect shot is not enough, let the camera help you! And because this is a digital camera, it’s not like those photos are taking up any physical space, simply download them onto your computer or device of choice and flip through them on your own time. Don’t worry about missing the big moment because you couldn’t quite time the shutter accurately, with burst mode, you can be a little more flippant and fill up that camera with memories.

Make Sure You Are In A Good Position To Shoot

Positioning is key! Photography is about so much more than having the right equipment. Finding the right shot and lining it up the way you want it is imperative if you want to like what you’re seeing in your photos. If you’re expecting to just show up at a game with your new camera and all your pictures will be gorgeous, you will likely be disappointed when combing through them post-game. While the Canon A6000 makes it easier than ever to ensure your photos are crisp and capture the moment clearly, it is on the photographer to ensure they are appropriately placed to document such moments. 

Because the Canon A6000 is a lightweight, handheld camera, it is easier than ever to simply get yourself in position (be as comfortable as possible) and let the camera do the rest. Please find some tips for placing yourself properly to take the perfect pictures:

  1. Take a knee! This will allow the photographer to be stable, while still having both hands on the camera. Being closer to the ground will make the athletes or whomever you’re shooting to look a bit larger by comparison, making the whole photo feel a bit more grand. 
  2. Shoot through or behind something! Try to find an interesting angle safely behind some fencing or through the bleachers. Shooting through an obstacle will give your photos an authentic, realistic feel, as if the viewer is right there with you at the game.
  3. Get creative! Photography is art after all. Find a place where you like the view, get comfortable, and fill up your new camera with priceless memories.

Do Your Research And Understand The Sport

Know your subject as well as possible. If you have been tasked with shooting a sporting event you’re unfamiliar with, make sure to do your research so you can know what to look for. You could be the biggest fan of the four major American sports in the world, but if you’re expected to shoot a round of cricket or curling or something else a little less mainstream, do you think you’d know what the action moments are? The moments people would want to see captured in a photo? While the Canon A6000 makes it easier than ever to take crisp, high quality photographs, they’ll be meaningless without the proper context.

Photography is as much about reacting to moments when they happen as it is about anticipating what might happen. If you rely on yourself and your reflexes to be lighting fast on the shutter to capture the biggest moments of a game, you’re likely to miss things here and there, simply because sports can move so quickly, things can happen in the blink of an eye. By doing your homework a bit beforehand and preparing for the shoot, you can put yourself in the best possible position to take some beautiful, lasting photographs. The more you know about your subject before you go out into the field and start shooting, the better. While a high quality digital camera like the Canon A6000 can do much of the heavy lifting for you, a little research before shooting will go a long way in elevating your photos from amateurish to professional grade.

Update The Settings On Your Camera However You See Fit

Check and customize your camera settings. As mentioned, the Canon A6000 can be highly personalized to meet whatever your needs as a photographer. This unit allows the user to update the aperture, focal length, shutter speed, and countless more options to give you the best possible user experience.

The amount of light let into the camera will obviously influence the look of your photos, so if you’re shooting in a dark, enclosed space, you’ll want to tweak those numbers to ensure your pictures turn up bright enough and easy to see. On the other hand, if you’re shooting an outdoor, daytime sporting event, the Canon A6000 is prepared for that too, reducing light and allowing your photos not to be completely washed out by the sun.

As for shutter speed, you’ll likely want something fairly quick if you’re shooting a high intensity, action packed sporting event, where bodies are flying by. However, if the action is slower, if you’re simply documenting a park chess game or a round of golf, perhaps consider a slower shutter speed for some more artful shots. Whatever your preference, the Canon A6000 allows you to capture the photos as you see them coming together in your head, you are not limited by what you see in front of you.

Having a camera that is this highly customizable is imperative if you’re serious about photography. The more you can influence the look of your photos on your own, the happier you’ll be in the long run with them.

I really cannot recommend the Canon A6000 camera highly enough for any and all photographers. Best of luck on your next shoot!