5 Sony A5100 Vlogging Tips For Better Vlogs!

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The vlogging community is growing more and more every day, and for good reason. Not only do vloggers provide people with entertainment, but they also help people out from time to time with their helpful how-to videos.

Thanks to vloggers everyone now has easy access to helpful videos showing us how to do things like fixing household appliances to costume makeup tutorials, and everything inbetween. If you want to learn how to do something new, a vlogger has probably made a video to simplify it for you.

If you are a natural on camera and have a passion for a particular topic, then you should definitely give vlogging a try. It is a great way to share your knowledge while helping the people who watch your videos. Vlogging isn’t difficult to achieve if you have the right camera. A lot of vloggers love the Sony A5100 because it has some great features that help them achieve the shots they are after. 

Practicing the right camera techniques while vlogging can help you make the best of your time shooting. Your audience doesn’t want to sit through videos with poor quality shots and muffled sound. There are a lot of vloggers being recommended to them, so they only want to watch the ones who make high-quality videos. 

Using the Sony A5100 will help you make some of the best videos for your vlog. People will instantly hit follow to see more of the content you come up with. This camera is so easy to use as well, which makes it perfect for new vloggers who don’t have very much experience using a camera. Here are some more reasons why the Sony A5100 is one of the best cameras for vlogging:

Only Talk About What You Love

Making videos on a topic you are passionate about will make them more enjoyable for your audience. When you watch a new vlog and the person in front of the camera loves what they are talking about it shows. The quality of their video ends up being more entertaining for the viewers. They are also able to give a better insight on the subject because they know more about it.

As a vlogger, you probably don’t have your own personal camera-man to film you whenever you get the urge to talk about your passion. This is why you need a camera that allows you to take videos in a self-portrait mode. Your camera should be easy to set up for whenever you have a new topic to speak about, while still capturing a crystal-clear shot.

Sony A5100 is useful for new vloggers because it has a tiltable LCD screen of a 180-degree angle. It is very easy to set up on your desk, or wherever you feel like shooting, so you can get the perfect shot. You never know when the mood will strike you to talk about your passion, and the Sony A5100 is ready to set-up quickly whenever you need to film.

Your Audience Wants Consistancy

It is important to have consistency with everything you do. As a vlogger you probably have a goal already set to grow your subscribers and view count. Of course you will want to do this organically too, there is no use in showing your hard work off to paid bots. You didn’t spend all that time coming up with the perfect dialogue for your video only for it not to be watched by actual people. 

You have enough work on your desk as a vlogger to come up with consistent yet relevant content for your page, you don’t need to add in the worry of whether or not your camera shots are consistant too. Size is important when it comes to your camera’s sensor. Vloggers need a camera with a larger-sized sensor to get the best quality videos.

The Sony A5100 has 24.3 MP Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor to help you capture more light for better looking videos. This bigger sensor has made the camera a popular choice for vloggers across the country. They are always able to get a consistently shot video to provide their audience with the best entertainment. 

A sensor is the part of your camera that takes the light and converts it to a digital image for the camera. A bigger sensor, like the one Sony A5100 has, is always a better choice for vloggers. It allows you to use your lighting to your advantage while capturing a great video for your viewers.

Your Viewers Tune In For A Story

Every video you post should tell an interesting story. This is what your viewers tune in for. People love watching videos where the vlogger tells a story of their day through various clips. These styles of videos are the best way to give your viewers a glimpse inside of your lifestyle. They also provide a lot of inspiration for the people who watch them giving them meal ideas and ideas to combat bordom. 

You can create video compilations of various shots from throughout your day. These could include anything random such as walks around your neighborhood, meals you eat, or meet ups with friends. You never know when you will capture something exciting, so it’s a good idea to have your camera with you at all times.

Noise reduction is an important feature that vloggers should look for in their cameras. Unwanted noises can create a distraction for your viewers, so you need a camera that will help reduce them. The Sony A5100 has a Bionz X engine which helps tremendously for noise reduction. Your audience will only hear the story you are telling them. 

On top of providing excellent noise reduction, the Bionz X engine also provides remarkable image processing. Your camera will be ready and focused on your subject in under a second. The Sony A5100 allows you to focus on only your subject, so your story is all that your audience hears and sees when tuning in for your videos. 

Have A Conversation With The Camera

Have you ever watched a video where the person speaking in front of the camera sounds exactly like they are reading off of a script? They talk with the same amount of enthusiasm as a 5th grader does when a teacher volunteers them to read a section out loud from the history textbook.  A vlogger who speaks like that is pretty unbearable to watch. There’s a good chance you won’t hit subscribe to their channel if you aren’t related to them.

When you make a video, it is very important to speak naturally to the camera. Have a conversation with the camera similar to if you were speaking to one of your friends. Try to avoid tensing up or coming off as awkward. If you have written the script to your video before hand, it may take a few tries until you come off as sounding natural. This is perfectly normal. 

Another reason that the Sony A5100 is the ideal camera for vlogging is because it has an above average battery life. Some of your best shooting locations are away from home. This means that you don’t have plugs available if your camera’s battery dies on you. 

The battery life of the Sony A5100 allows you to practice your script in front of the camera as many times as you need to without worrying about your camera dying. You can shoot several dozen takes if you need to and still have enough battery life for more random shots. 

WIFI Is A Must Have

Uploading content straight to your social media pages is a great way to keep your followers hooked. Not every video needs to be edited before posting, so having a camera that connects to WIFI allows you to connect with your viewers faster and more frequently. They will never get bored waiting for your latest content.

Sharing your videos online is simple with the Sony A5100 because it connects to WIFI faster than other cameras. The one-touch NCF allows users to easily share data between other devices. This camera gets you connected to the internet quick and hassle-free. You won’t believe how easy it is to start sharing your videos instantly. 

Let your audience know about your exciting adventures as soon as you experience them. Share your joys and journeys with a quick and easy uploading process. The Sony A5100 allows you to share your videos without having to waste time uploading them to a computer first. This gives you more time for vlogging adventures. 

The Sony A5100 allows you to share the video of your dinner on Instagram while you are waiting for dessert. You can take the best quality real-time videos to share directly on your social media stories every time you go out. It has never been so quick and easy to share your favorite vlogging moments before. Easily keep your audience growing while constantly uploading the great videos you make with the Sony A5100.