5 Sony A5000 Vlogging Tricks For Better Vlog Footage!

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Vlogging is a great way to share your thoughts and knowledge with your followers. People love tuning into YouTube and other social media platforms to unwind and see what their favorite vloggers have been up to. 

If you are comfortable talking in front of the camera and have a particular topic that you are passionate about, then vlogging could be a great hobby for you. You never know where it could lead you either, some vloggers have landed collaboration deals with their favorite companies. They were able to turn their hobby into a full-time career.

You don’t have to be an expert at working a camera to become a great vlogger, but you do need to have the right camera to get the video shots that you want. If you are just starting out, we recommend using the Sony A5000. This easy to use camera has all the right features to make vlogging a breeze for beginners.

The quality of your video is very important because your audience doesn’t want to watch a fuzzy image in bad lighting. They want to see what you see and hear what you have to say. Any interruptions or distractions in your video could cause your viewers to stop watching.

As a new vlogger you are going to want to grow your following so you know that your vlogs are being watched. In order to do that you have to create videos that people want to see. You need to put a lot of focus and creativity into coming up with fresh content, so you need a camera that can take care of the rest for you. Here are some of the ways you can start out on the right foot as a new vlogger with the Sony A5000:

What Is Your Goal?

Do you want to share tips on how you achieve flawless skin? Were you thinking of showcasing your dining experiences throughout your travels to share with your viewers? There must be something that you want to show the world.

Before you even think about hitting record on that camera, you need to figure out what your goals are as a new vlogger. Becoming a successful vlogger takes a lot of planning, so knowing what your goal is will help you plan out the steps to get there. 

You probably have other goals in mind than just creating videos. Whether it’s doubling your follower count or being noticed by a particular sponsor, you should write it down so you can start implementing the steps to achieve it. 

Once you know what your goals are, you can start to achieve them. In the world of vlogging you need a camera with high resolution to capture all of the detail in your videos. The Sony A5000 has a max resolution of 5456 X 3632, so your viewers will see everything you want to show them. 

Big brands only want to work with vloggers who showcase their products with the cleanest shots. The high resolution on the Sony A5000 will help you make every product you film look it’s best. 

What’s Your Vlog’s Niche?

To maintain a successful vlog you need to have a particular niche that your videos are about. It could be sports, travel, fashion, or anything that you’re passionate about. When you are talking about a subject you are passionate about you’ll naturally do a better job at telling your story. This will make your video more enjoyable to your audience.

If you pick a niche you have no passion for your videos will come off as forced and fewer people will hit follow, if any do at all. 

You may be thinking “It’s my vlog, I’ll post about whatever I want“. While this is true, it will cost you followers. People hit follow because they want to watch videos of a particular topic. If you flip flop from one subject to the next, your followers will end up heading in the direction of a vlogger who’s talking about the niche they’re interested in.

When you know what your niche is, you’ll find that there are times when you get the urge to talk endlessly about it. It could hit you out of nowhere, so you’ll learn fast how important it is to have a camera with a tilt screen.

The Sony A5000 has a convenient 3-inch tilt screen. No matter when the time comes to talk about a new topic in your niche this camera is ready so you can take self-videos and still look professional. 

Give Us Better Shots

Many people are under the impression that the more videos they post the more relevent their status as a vlogger is. While having consistant videos is important to maintain your image as a successful vlogger, it is more crucial to focus on quality over quantity. Most people can agree that they would rather follow a vlogger who has a few really well shot videos instead of one who is posting stuff every day with no real meaning behind it.

Some vloggers get caught up in posting daily where they don’t really think “Do my followers actually want to see this?” This often includes an abundance of poorly shot videos of things they thought were amusing. The video they filmed could’ve had potential to entertain people if the shots were better quality.

As a vlogger, not all of your shots will be planned ahead of time. Some of your most entertaining videos could be completely spontaneous. You need a camera that’s going to be able to transition from scene to scene easily while still maintaining a perfect quality image. 

The Sony A5000 has an ISO resolution of 100 – 16,000 making it the perfect camera to go from light to dark while still keeping your subject crystal clear. This is one of the smoothest cameras for traveling to scenes with different lighting. It never lets change of lighting ruin a great shot. No wonder so many vloggers love to start out with the Sony A5000. 

First Impressions Matter For Vloggers

Always make the first 15 seconds of your vlog count. This is when your viewers decide whether they are going to sit around for the whole video or not. If a new viewer comes to your video to see a certain subject and you don’t get their attention right away, you have a good chance of losing them.

There are 2 tips we have for keeping the audience from clicking away. First and foremost, stick to the point of your video. Your audience will most likely click away if you open your video up by giving shout-outs to your friends or using that time to promote your other videos. Save that stuff for the end of your video if you feel the need to put it in there. 

The second thing you need to do is make sure your video shot is in focus. Your audience wants to see a clear visual and they won’t stick around if you don’t present that to them right off the bat. Always make sure your camera has autofocus so you never have to worry about missing a good shot. Autofocus will help you start your video off the right way.

Sony A5000 has an easy to use autofocus that helps you get a clear shot of your subject faster than you can blink your eyes. Once you have your focus point set up, you can easily navigate around the screen to the point you need. This is the right camera to have for a clear shot on all of your vlogging journeys. 

Most Importantly, Always Be Yourself

There are too many copycats out there, especially when it comes to vlogging. Viewers are bored of seeing vloggers that try to mold themselves into versions of other vloggers. Your audience wants to see your personality and learn about what makes you unique. They don’t want to see you imitate the people who inspired you.

One of the main reasons why people choose to follow a vlogger is because they have fallen in love with their personality. As a vlogger you will be constantly bringing your personality to the camera, so show your real one to the world. Never shape yourself into someone different in order to get more likes. 

Of course, a camera can’t help you be yourself. However, a camera can help you when it comes to filming yourself for your next vlog. Many vloggers follow a rule that your camera’s shutter speed should be double the frame rate. This will help you achieve that cinematic look in your video so you always look like a real star.

The Sony A5000 has a max shutter speed of 1/4000 sec. In other words, that means the Sony A5000 will help you achieve the smoothest results on screen. You can show your true personality to the world in a cinematic style. You are a star in the making, so you might as well be filmed like one.