5 Canon 1300D Wedding Photography Tricks For Better Photographs!

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Weddings are memorable events for a couple. From stressing over about their looks to all the big day’s arrangements, they have got a lot on their plates. One of their significant concerns is how to make everlasting memories out of their wedding day. Here, the photographer and cameras have a lot to do to; capture the best moments and create an album of an unforgettable big day.

Photographing weddings can be challenging since it is about that one chance to get the images right. Images captured at weddings become one of the most cherished memories of those involved, and those hired to photograph these events are expected to deliver excellent results regardless of the circumstances they encounter. It means they have little or no room for errors. They have to be perfect, and their cameras should be flawless. When photographing wedding events, photographers need to carry along reliable gears and lens kits that are best suited for wedding photography.

Cameras are essential tools for photography but merely not the only one. Photographers need to combine their skills with their cameras to create awe-inspiring photos. They are required to be tremendously talented at capturing every emotion, happy moments, and every fascinating detail of the bride and groom’s special day. Henceforth, along with the best-choice camera, you also need to master the techniques to capture spectacular images.

While wedding photography is a demanding job, nowadays, shooting weddings require a high-performance DSLR camera that is designed in a way to meet the needs of the photographer. Talking about the best camera choices, Canon 1300D turns out to be an ideal one for shooting your happily ever after event. This camera has a lot to offer; an 18.0-megapixel APS-C size sensor, an extensive ISO sensitivity range, DIGIC 4+ processor for significant variations, built-in Wi-Fi, and NFC, and has a 3-inch, 320k-dot LCD monitor.  

Let’s get on board and grasp useful tips on using the Canon 1300D for wedding photography:

Pick The Right Venue 

It is no secret that every couple wants things to be perfect on their wedding day, including the photographs being taken. They hire the best photographers in town, who can capture their day in the best possible manner so that they can share it with friends and family, as well as reminisce on in later years. From their wedding day looks to walking down the aisle to dancing at the reception, they want their photos to be stunning!

Usually, the couple can decide their pre-wedding shoot location. Sometimes, they ask their wedding photographers for venue suggestions. It is of the utmost importance that you suggest venues that are aesthetically beautiful, perfect for a wedding shoot, and well-lit. To save time, have a set of pre-scouted venues. If the couple asks you for suggestions, let them know about your list and see what ideas they have to share with you. Even better if you can visit the site with your clients once so that things aren’t are a hassle to manage on the main event day.

With Canon 1300D unique AF System/points, you can make the most out of the location. This camera houses 9 AF points with a cross AF point that helps in speeding up autofocus performance. This feature will help you to use small details of the location to make your photographs appealing.

Good Lighting Is The Key

Weddings are beautiful, with beautiful lighting. No matter how good or big the venue is, if there is no adequate lighting, wedding photography ought to become boring and dull. Weddings arranged at different places present different lighting scenarios. To capture the best shots, wedding photographers are responsible for making the best use of whatever forms of light the wedding day throws at them. 

Indeed, all photographers have different approaches to adjusting light, and there are infinite options to control and manipulate the lighting in a scene. Wedding light can be in any form; a large window, a sanctuary lit with candle holders, a dance floor all lit up with DJ’s lights, or an outdoor ceremony at high noon. What is important is how good the photographer makes use of the light and create magical moments out of it.

Thanks to Canon 1300D’s built-in flash GN (guide number), that automatically helps to adjust light through its E-TTL system. If you are using the basic modes, the camera will automatically decide whether the flash is required, so you do not have to exhaust yourself by thinking about it. If the wedding venue is a well-lit area, the camera will not fire the flash while in low-light conditions, the case is vice versa.

Capture Poses That Are Unique

While your wedding is just a one-day event, pictures are truly something you treasure with you forever. Knowing how and what to pose for wedding photography, it can help the couples look picture-perfect in the shot.

At times, even the most creative and innovative photographers lose interest in wedding photography if they have to shoot the same old poses repeatedly. That is why it is essential you are open to experimenting with new techniques and poses that can transform an ordinary picture into an eye-catching masterpiece.

But before you put your ideas into actuality, discuss your designs with the couple. Let them know what poses you have in mind and how you will execute them. Be open to accepting suggestions from them, if any. Your clients must be comfortable with your plan.

Wedding photography is like a bridge to memories of the big day. Therefore, you should pay attention to every single detail during the shoot; the poses, backdrop, proper postures, and positioning of the feet, arms, and legs.

It all gets easy if you are using Canon 1300D camera innovative features. Changing different modes, picture styles, adjusting the white balance with the mixture of other customizable settings, you can easily create and experiment with your ideas.

Frame Your Shots

Wedding photography isn’t just about holding a camera and capturing pictures. It is a combination of many skills. You have to be well-aware of different technicalities (exposure, white balance, and more), the aesthetics, and about post-processing. Imagine, when you start editing your captured pictures, and you notice some images aren’t well-shot; some details are still missing. How will you deal with this situation? Most importantly, what will be the response from your clients!

It is crucial for you as a professional photographer should know all possibilities and settings of a camera that can help you get incredible pictures. Framing is one of the aspects that can help you capture images that are visually appealing and just perfect. While you take a photo, look out for details that can help frame your main subject. Framing your shots well will not only give you an attractive output but will also prove your worth as a professional wedding photographer.

An excellent way to frame your shots is by using the grid overlay mode of the Canon 1300D camera. While shooting in a Live View mode, gridlines will be visible on the LCD monitor. Grids can help align and compose images, hence enhancing the visual impact of the photo. Turn the gridlines and frame your picture more effectively. Use gridlines appropriately to adjust the position of the subject at the right or left rather than placing in the middle, thus creating variations.

Show Your Style

Every wedding photographers have their distinct style of shooting that is different and is unique in its way. While there is no set standard style followed by wedding photographers, it is more useful to have the artistic style that can help you stand-out among others in the market. Your style will speak volumes about you to clients. It can give them a clear picture of what their wedding pictures will look like, your preferred kinds of styles, and a glimpse of what kind of a person you are.

While seeking inspiration from your favorites, you can blend and apply various photography styles in weddings. At times, it is you who would be suggesting styles, or it is the client that demands shooting in a specific style. You have to be prepared for all circumstances and let your creativity get-going.

Once you figure out your signature style, make sure you keep using it often. It will not only help you craft your identity but will allow people to take inspiration from your styles. With your styles, people can recognize your work, and it can be a great source of income for you as couples will ultimately select you for their special day’s shoot.

Creating a unique style can be a tough decision. Thankfully, Canon 1300D can help ease your tension. With the exceptional and customizable features of this camera, you can experiment your idea easily. With its various shooting modes, picture styles, balance, and exposure control settings, you can explore and test your ideas that will eventually lead you to create a style that is yours!