10 Essential Sony ZV-1 Accessories For The Best Image Quality!

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The Sony ZV-1 is quickly establishing itself as one of the best cameras for YouTubers out there and rapidly growing its user base with no signs of its solid growth slowing down anytime soon. In fact, if early indications are anything to go by, we are fully expecting the growth of the cameras user base to increase as more and more people realise what an excellent, small, lightweight, and relatively budget friendly little camera this is.

Although the Sony ZV-1 is marketed as a camera primarily designed for YouTube it also offers some excellent entry level photography and videography capabilities too and it is seeing growth in its user base in these areas too. With the camera having such a huge number of people who are using it as their go to camera body of choice, we are seeing more and more people reaching out with various questions about the camera to try and ensure they are able to capture the best image quality and get the best performance possible.

Although we are seeing a large number of different questions about different Sony ZV-1 accessories, we have actually decided to compile the more frequently asked questions into this article and make a list post of what we consider to be the best accessories for the camera on the market. Keep in mind that this is a general list that is designed to be helpful for YouTubers, photographers, and videographers who use the Sony ZV-1 as their camera body of choice. Due to this, you may not need all of these accessories, it is going to depend on what you are planning to do with your camera.

Additionally, depending on how long you have been involved in the YouTube, photography, or videography space, you may also have some of these camera accessories that you can use with the Sony ZV-1 in your collection. Although we will be recommending what we consider to be the best open for each of our recommended camera accessories for the Sony ZV-1 as we go through the article, there are alternatives available so if you already have a suitable option then theres no need to replace it.

Anyway, with all of that out of the way, we will now be getting into our list of camera accessories that we recommend for the Sony ZV-1. Each of our recommended camera accessories has a proven history with the Sony ZV-1 as well as a great reputation amongst either the YouTube, photography, or videography community.

Get Yourself A 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Due to the Sony ZV-1 being so popular amongst the YouTube community, one of the best camera accessories that you are able to add to your Sony ZV-1 set up is a solid little 3 axis gimbal stabilizer in our opinion. This will ensure that you are able to get super smooth video footage when recording while on the move to help improve the levels of image quality that you are able to capture with your camera.

Thankfully, due to the small size and light weight of the Sony ZV-1, there is no need to folk out for one of the professional level mirrorless camera or DSLR camera gimbals either. In our opinion, the Feiyutech G6 Max is the best handheld gimbal on the market for the Sony ZV-1 right now and will make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories.

The Feiyutech G6 Max is a very budget friendly gimbal stabiliser when you consider the levels of image stabilization, build quality, and user interface that it offers relative to its price point and it is the latest addition to the G6 gimbal line up from Feiyutech. The previous two gimbals in the G6 range have dominated the point and shoot and lightweight mirrorless camera gimbal weightless for almost a decade due to being excellent little gimbals.

Feiyutech have taken all of the experience that they have built up over the years with the previous generations of their G6 gimbals as well as their heavier weightless gimbals and put all of their expertise into making the G6 Max as best it can be. We are pleased to say that they have most definitely outdone themselves as well as the competition and that they have knocked it out of the park with the Feiyutech G6 Max.

Due to being the latest release to the G6 range of gimbals, the G6 Max was always going to hit the ground running with strong sales in the videography and YouTube communities. That said though, sales of the gimbal have actually increased since its release due to it managing to rightfully earn itself an excellent reputation amongst the community while blowing everything from the competing brands out of the water. This makes it the ideal gimbal for your Sony ZV-1 and an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories if you are in the YouTube or videography space.

Invest In A Decent Tripod

Chances are that you won’t need an intermediate or professional level tripod for your Sony ZV-1 so something like the Zomei z699c should easily be able to meet your needs. The z699c is a lightweight, robust, carbon fiber tripod that comes with an entry level price point but offers you excellent performance. No matter if you are using your Sony ZV-1 for YouTube, photography, or videography, the z699c is a solid little tripod that you can purchase without having to break the bank.

Although the Sony ZV-1 is a very lightweight camera, the tripod is able to support a maximum payload of 33 pounds meaning that you can also mount all the camera accessories you need to your Sony ZV-1 and use the tripod without issue.The small size and lightweight of the tripod also means that you can easily transport it around with you for local jobs but if you are planning to be traveling by air on a regular basis, a travel tripod like the Zomei m5 might be a better option due to it being better suited for air travel.

Either way, adding a decent little tripod to your Sony ZV-1 camera accessories offers some quick and easy image stabilisation for pretty much any situation that you may find yourself in with your camera. Although this may sound like a basic camera accessory to invest in, it really can help to improve the levels of image quality that you are able to capture. If you are using the ZV-1 for YouTube and are doing something like talking head videos then a tripod is pretty much an essential camera accessories.

Improve Your Audio Quality

Although the Sony ZV-1 has a surprisingly good built in microphone, if you are using the camera for your YouTube channel and are wanting to help it grow at a faster pace then getting a decent external microphone can be a solid investment. Although the Sony ZV-1 does offer excellent image quality when recording, its audio quality can be lacking when compared to the competing YouTube channels and offering decent audio can be the difference between someone hitting that subscribe button or not.

There are a number of great little microphones on the market right now but we would always recommend that our readers go with something from the Rode range. In our opinion, they are the best external microphone brands on the market for the price brackets of the Sony ZV-1 and they have multiple mics for different purposes too. Both the entry-level Rode Video Micro and intermediate Rode Video Mic Go will mount to your Sony ZV-1 and jack into its external microphone port without having a problem.

Although both of these microphones are in the sub-one hundred dollar price bracket, the difference that they are able to make to your audio quality is surprising relative to their price tags. This offers you a quick and easy win when it comes to improving your audio quality and can drastically improve the overall quality of your video content that you produce with the Sony ZV-1.

Pick Up Some Solid Lighting

This next one is geared more towards people using the Sony ZV-1 for YouTube or general videography but getting a decent, cheap video light can be an excellent addition to your Sony ZV-1 camera accessories. This ensures that no matter the lighting you have access to, you can always get some reliable lighting on your subject to help improve the image quality of your video footage. With these LED video lights coming down in price over the last few years, you can easily get yourself some solid lighting without having to break the bank and most of the units are considerably cheaper than most people think these days.

Our recommended lighting unit from Neewer really is a solid bit of kit for any YouTuber or entry level vloggers collection of camera accessories and is less than thirty dollars. The various colour filters included with the video light as standard allow you to tweak the hue of the light out put while its brightness is also fully adjustable too.

Consider Adding A Mini Tripod To Your Camera Accessories

The various mini tripod options on the market right now have been a staple in many a videographer or YouTubers collection of camera accessories for almost a decade now. They offer some decent image stabilization for a very low price tag and if you are using your Sony ZV-1 for vlogging then you are also able to use it as a way to try and stabilize your video while walking and talking at the same time by holding the mini tripod with your camera mounted to it.

Although there is some competition these days, we do still feel that the Gorillapod range from Joby is the best mini tripod option on the market right now. If you are just looking for one for your Sony ZV-1 without having any other camera accessories mounted to it then the Gorillapod 1k will easily be able to support the payload weight without issue. If you are planning to use anything like an external microphone or a video light with your Sony ZV-1 when recording then we would highly recommend the Gorillapod 3k instead.

Although the 1k variant of the mini tripod may be able to support your ZV-1 with additional weight from your camera accessories mounted to it, we would highly recommend that you go with the 3k variant as it offers a much higher maximum load capacity and can definitely support it. Theres no point in putting your expensive camera at risk for the sake of an additional twenty dollars on your mini tripod to upgrade to the 3k rather than the 1k.

Get A Decent Selfie Stick

The Fugetek selfie stick has been the default option for anyone who uses anything heavier than a smartphone or an action camera for years now due to it offering some excellent build quality with a very low price tag. This ensures that the Fugetek selfie stick is able to support DSLR camera rigs with ease meaning that it can easily take the weight of your Sony ZV-1. Although you may not need the selfie stick for capturing selfies, it can be a solid little camera accessory to have in your collection for vlogging allowing you to make sure that you are in the frame of the camera while moving too.

Extend The Cameras Memory Potential

With the majority of people using the Sony ZV-1 to capture video, getting some decent memory cards for your camera can definitely be a good idea. High definition video with a high frame rate is common for modern video and the Sony ZV-1 offers some excellent video resolution and frame rate combinations too. This means that you can end up filling up the available space on your memory cards quickly potentially causing you to have to stop capturing your content.

Memory cards are cheap these days and you can add some high capacity, high transfer rate cards to your camera accessories without having to break the bank. Due to the small size and light weight of the cards, you can almost always add a number of them to your camera accessory bag without them having to take up much space or add much weight so they are always worth stocking up on.

Extend Your Maximum Battery Life

Similar to memory cards above, capturing high definition, high frame rate video can be a really battery hog and end up draining your batteries extremely quickly. This is why we would recommend that any of our readers who are planning to capture HD video with their Sony ZV-1 add some spare batteries to their collection of camera accessories. Again, just like memory cards, spare batteries can easily be added to your camera bag without having to take up much spare or add much weight making them a quick and easy addition to your camera accessories.

Although you can purchase the official Sony NP-BX1 that will last you for years as they hold their charging capabilities very well, there are also a number of decent third-party NP-BX1 batteries on the market that you are able to purchase that are much cheaper than the official Sony batteries. That said though, although these third-party battery options are much cheaper, they do tend to start dissipating their charge after around a years worth of use meaning that the higher initial cost of the official Sony batteries may be worth it in the long run.

Pickup A Cheap Camera Bag

When it comes to camera bags, there really are a ton of different options on the market right now and more and more are being released with each month that have been specifically designed for the Sony ZV-1. Adding a camera bag or at least protective case to your collection of Sony ZV-1 camera accessories ensures that you are able to easily transport your camera with minimal chance of damage. With the Sony ZV-1 being such a popular option for travel vloggers, this should be a no brainer as many of the smaller camera bags can then easily be placed inside of your backpack or luggage for transport and then used as a regular bag when you get to your destination.

Cleaning Kit

No matter what you are planning to do with your Sony ZV-1 camera, we would highly recommend that you add a cheap, camera cleaning kit to your collection of camera accessories. This allows you to do some quick and easy camera maintenance tasks while out and about if required such as removing dust from your forward lens element or camera sensor as well as a few other things too. These camera cleaning kits are dirt cheap these days and make a solid little addition to anyone camera accessories as they can keep your camera serviceable while you are out in the middle of nowhere if you do have an issue with dust or dirt.

Wrapping It Up

That brings our article going over what we consider to be the ten best Sony ZV-1 accessories on the market right now. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, many of these camera accessories are going to depend on what you are actually planning to do with your Sony ZV-1 and the niches you will be working in. That said though, we feel that we have something for everyone in our article and that no matter if you are a YouTuber, photographer, or videographer or what niche you are working in, we have something that can help to improve the image quality that you can capture in our list.